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Comedy Magician-George McAthy Dog with giant Card-circa 1950s/60s

This is photo of Comedy Magician, George McAthy. He holds a top hat while a Dog puppet holds a giant card, circa 1950s/60s.

DATE: Circa 1950s/60s
SIZE: 5 by 7 inches.
COND: In otherwise very Fine, almost mint condition.
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Condition Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
From Magicpedia, courtesy of Genii Magazine:

George McAthy (1910-1971), also known as Mandroop the magician, was an amateur magician and member of the IBM.. McAthy wrote a column, "For Vents Only" for a number of years for Tops Magazine (he was on the cover in 1944) He formed a comedy magical society called the "D.O.P.E.S." (the Deceptive Order of Prestidigitoral Entertainers).

He was a member of the IBM Ring 21 in Hollywood, California. McAthy also made the covers of Linking Ring in 1953 and Genii again in 1967.

Gags, Tricks and Patter (1936)
Double Talk (1938)
Mandroop's Gloombusters (1945)
Smart Talk for Magicians and M.C.'s (1945)
Smart Business for Magicians & M.C.'s (1946)
Smart Tricks for Magicians & M.C.'s (1947)
12 Ways to Use the Big Nickel (1959)
Magicomedy: By McAthy ; Illustrated by Micky Hades (1967)
Magic From the Dope Den by George Mcathy (1967)
New Laff-Tested Dialogues by George McAthy (1967)
The Dope Sheet by George McAthy (1967)
Smart Stuff (1970)
Laff Letters (1978)