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Jay Palmer

A dashing, original photograph of Jay Palmer. The photograph is signed 'FROM JAY PALMER AND DOREEN / SEPT-23-48'. Jay Palmer was a popular magician in the 1940s, and Doreen was his wife. Photographer credit is printed in the bottom-right corner. Photograph is inscribed to Mike Kanter, founder and owner of Kanter’s Magic Shop. Kanter’s Magic Shop, which was located in Philadelphia, PA, was a major supplier of magical equipment and magic catalogs during the 1940s. Photograph measures 8x10 inches in size. Small water damage spot on lower right corner.
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Jay Palmer

Born William J. Burns
November, 01 1899
Nashville, Tennessee
Died August, 13 1970

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Jay Palmer (November 1, 1899 - August 13, 1970) was born William J “Willie” Burns in Nashville, Tennessee. He started out as an assistant to The Great Leon and then for Houdini before striking out on his own with his English wife Doreen as "Lady 'Awkins" or "Miss Scrapiron" in the 1950s. Doreen would provide comedy by disregarding the feelings of her magician husband while she was assisting.

They toured the world featuring his Magic Kettle (a version of the inexhaustible bottle).

In 1950 and 1951 they won the Comedy Prize at FISM.

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Jay Palmer
The Magic Kettle Act

Real Name: William J. "Willie" Burns
Birthday: November 1
Birthplace: United States
Buried: ?

Jay Palmer was an American comedy magician who started out as an assistant to The Great Leon (1921) and then to Harry Houdini (1921 and 1922).

By 1923, Palmer was playing vaudeville with his own comedy magic act. Soon joined by wife Doreen, their signature routine was the Magic Kettle, a neverending liquid pouring effect.

The act was hilarious, and won many magic awards for originality. Much of the comedy came from Doreen's "bored and condescending" attitude toward Jay and his magic.

The Palmers enjoyed a long and active career, touring with their wonderfully entertaining act into the 1960's.

Credit: This biography originated on MagicTricks.com.