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Fantasio (magician)
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Born Ricardo Roucau
October 3, 1936
Buenos Aires, Argentina[1]
Died October 30, 2017 (aged 81)

Ricardo Roucau (3 October 1936 – 30 October 2017) was a magician commonly known as Fantasio.[2] Roucau previously performed as Ricardo and then as Larry, before being warned in 1961 by John Scarne that the name would not work for a magician trying to make it in America.[2] He also performed with his wife as 'Larry and Daisy'.[1] Roucau adopted the name Fantasio after noticing it on a box of playing cards.[2] Roucau was a prolific inventor,[1] and Mike Caveney believes that Fantasio's appearing and disappearing props were at one point the most popular magic props in the world.[3]

Fantasio was a lifetime member of Ring 45 and Assembly 280. In 2010, he was named Dean of Assembly 280.[4]

Published books
Magic with Canes and Candles (1970)
My Canes and Candles (1990)