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Magician Mike Rogers Signed Photo-He holds an Ace of Spades

This is a photo of noted Magician Mike Rogers. He holds an Ace of Spades, and looks right at you. It is signed in ink in upper right corner.

DATE: Unknown
SIZE: 4 by 5 inches
COND: All in otherwise very Fine, almost Mint condition.
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Mike Rogers

Born Michael Frederick Rogers
September 19, 1938, Lander, Wyoming
Died June 11, 2001 (age 62)

Mike Rogers, born Michael Frederick Rogers in Lander, Wyoming,was one of the first to produce sculpted sponge rabbits, manufactured miniature leather-covered baseballs for the Cups and Balls and handmade cups for dice stacking.[1]

The first magician he saw was Duke Montague at the age of 7, who inspired his life-long interest in magic. When he graduated from high school in 1956, he joined the US Navy which he made his career for 20 years until 1976.[2]

Rogers contributed articles to The Linking Ring, Genii, Epoptica and in M-U-M he had a column called "Table Time," that ran ten years. That column was the basis of his book The Complete Mike Rogers published by Magic Inc.

The Complete Mike Rogers (1975)
No Pipe Dreams: Trade Secrets of Mike Rogers (unpublished) - Jon Racherbaumer was working on it with him at the time of his death.

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