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About The Steelgraves--Award-Winning Maine Magicians

Are professional magicians/illusionists, full-time entertainers who travel the East Coast performing for a wide variety of clients every year. We live in Southern Maine (East Waterboro, in York County) with our large family of critters--doves, rabbits, chickens, eight cats, and the occasional family of mice. Our job is to add that special, magical touch to your event in the most friendly, hassle-free way possible. We love what we do, and always strive to make sure you'll love what we do, too.

Markus has performed professionally for over 40 years; I, for nearly 30. Markus, beginning his professional career as a teenager by literally running away with the circus, also joined the Navy in the late 1970s. After that, he successfully operated his magic business under the performing name "Almodarr", first as a solo act then with former wife and partner, as "Almodarr's Grand Illusion". He/they performed anywhere from 250-500 shows every year during that time.

Meanwhile, I attended University of Southern Maine; while there I performed for 3 seasons as assistant to Maine magician Woody Woodward. Upon graduation in 1988 with a degree in Theatre, I co-founded and operated two touring children's theatres with my former spouse, Krackerjack Theatre Co. andDriftwood Players. Over 14years we gve over 3,000 performances in schools, libraries, and theatres from Maine to Virginia.
Markus (Almodarr) and Angelique have performed together for over 20 years.
Circa 1994, "Almodarr & Angelique"

​Markus and I first met in 1985 at an audition for The Children's Theater of Maine. We became good friends, and over the years, worked together off-and-on both in theatre and in magic--I would occasionally assist in Almodarr's shows (the photo to the right shows us performing together over twenty years ago--yikes!), and he would occasionally provide magic consultation and technical assistance for Krackerjack's shows.

In December of 2002, the winds of both of our lives and careers shifted, and we began performing magic together as a duo full-time. In June of 2006, we were married.
Just for fun awhile back, we decided to try adding up the number of shows we'd each performed prior to our partnership, we lost count around 13,000--Markus' and my separate shows combined. Since we began working as a team, first as "Almodarr's Grand Illusion" then evolving into Magic of The Steelgraves, we've performed over 3,500 shows together, and won several awards throughout the country for both Stage and Close-Up Magic.