Antique MKP Magic Club Society Prague Magicians Wand Ace Spades Logo Pin Badge - Stick pin
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Antique MKP Magic Club Society Prague Magicians Wand Ace Spades Logo Pin Badge

A rare MKP Magicky klub Praha pin from former Czechoslovakia. The badge face is 2cm high and the reverse side has a long stick pin style fastener.
A rare pin badge since it is numbered on the reverse side with a number 30, denoting the 30th member of this very select society formed in 1922.

Information about MKP

Is the oldest magic club in Central Europe.
It was founded in 1922. More history can be found in the History of the club
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
History of the club

Yes, it was like yesterday. On November 3, 1922, several magical enthusiasts decided to grow their hobby together. They drew up statutes and other official matters and founded the first Czechoslovak magic association in the café Nizze , which they called the MAGIC CLUB PRAGUE . At the forefront of this magical association they have built a distinguished and spellbinding magician, Otakar Hlaváč .

Born 1883 at Nymburk. He has been casting magic on all occasions since his youth. He was a man of great acquaintance and social demeanor.

The club developed very well under his leadership, as it had already had very popular names in its center, such as Viktor Ponrepo and Great Roland

Regular weekly meetings were held at the Nizza café, where a small stage was also available, and later at the Monopol Hotel. Micromagia also experienced the renaissance at that time - magic at every table. A stage performance was held once a month. The first public performance was in 1925 in Radiopaláci in Vochova Street (now Vinohradská).

Otakar Fišer of Vienna, a native of Bohemia, and a distinguished expert in magic, at that time publicly stated that this performance was above the level he had seen so far. The enthusiasm was great and enchanting. However, as the club grew, hostility grew even among the members, and so it happened that the proverbial Czech intolerance manifested itself in this small society. Because of petty misunderstandings or vanity, the band that established the Ponrepo Magic Bed broke away . Even here, the intolerance found its breeding ground and so another club was created - SKAM .

Separation and disagreement bothers, but for their stubbornness and pride with vanity, all the arrangements for reconnection broke and to the detriment of overall cooperation and magic in general.

MLP has gone through a period of fame and unfavorable. Again, strange disagreements began to appear. He withstood all these upheavals, except for one. This was the German occupation, for which he was forcibly dissolved and his property and archive destroyed by the Gestapo.

After the occupation, MLP was deprived of the pivotal figure of Otakar Hlaváč, who died with his wife and son in a concentration camp. Thanks to Bedřich Nechutný, there was a historical connection with the Ponrepo Magic Bed . SKAM then refused the connection.

Moving was this joint meeting and all the more beautiful and meritorious that everyone understood this act for the development of Czechoslovak magic. The dissolution of the clubs and joint oppression made this reunion possible. Again, some members in the ranks of the MLP began to dislike, so they got off and started to establish other magic clubs and clubs.

Thanks to Otakar Hlaváč, the Magic Club has gained great respect abroad. The lively correspondence with the whole world, the appointment of various prominent persons as honorary members, was the reason that MLP became a member of many foreign clubs, associations and international associations of FISM .

MLP was the first of the magical associations to introduce the club competition "For the Golden Ribbon". This competition took place every year and was always richly occupied by competitors. For these competitions, Mr. Emil Sprachta donated a crystal cup and the Blue Ribbon was renamed "Sprecht Cup".

The badge card ace of spades and the magic wand has become a new club designation that has lasted until now.

During the socialist era, magic clubs were associated under the patronage of racing clubs. MLP was the longest under ZK Tesla Karlin - U Zabranskych.

After the so-called Velvet Revolution most of the magic clubs lost their club space and so the MLP had to look for where to meet.

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