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John Calvert Fan Club Pinback

Join John Calvert's fan club with this one of a kind pin! Made exclusively for the Magic on Mahattan tribute to John, express your love for the magic and get one now.
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John Calvert (magician)

Born August 5, 1911 (1911-08-05) (age 97)
New Trenton, Indiana, United States
Occupation Magician

Madren Elbern "John" Calvert (born on August 5, 1911) is an American magician.
The son of Elbern F. and Naomie P. Calvert, Madren Elbern Calvert was born in New Trenton, Indiana.
In the course of his career, John Calvert has appeared in films as well as in stage performances around the world. As of April, 2009, Calvert is still performing and lecturing.

Calvert is scheduled to give a magic performance at the London Palladium on his 100th birthday, August 5, 2011.

Calvert currently resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky with his wife Tammy

The following has been printed in the June 2009 issue of The Linking Ring:

John Calvert had a mild stroke on Tuesday, April 28, at the home of Ray and Ann Goulet. He received immediate treatment and has amazed doctors with his positive attitude and quick recovery. He is currently in rehab and expects to be back to normal very soon. Mr. Calvert's wife, Tammy, reported that he kept the hospital's medical staff entertained and while talking to his doctor did a watch steal on the attending nurse! If you would like to send greeting cards to the Calvers, write to them in care of Ray and Ann Goulet, 118 Marshall Street, Watertown, MA