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Reveen was one of the best touring magicians in the world.

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Has been rolled up and will be delivered that way in a mailing tube. These has been in storage at a magic collector and dealer for years.
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Peter Reveen

Born Peter James Ryan October 8, 1935 Adelaide, Australia
Died April 8, 2013 (age 77) Las Vegas, Nevada

Peter Reveen (1935-2013), also known as Reveen, The Great Reveen, and Reveen The Impossiblist was one of the founding members of The Magic Castle.[1]

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Born in Adelaide, Australia, Reveen immigrated to the United States in 1973. He became internationally renowned through his touring theater show, which combined magic, illusion, hypnotism, and "supernatural memory demonstrations." Since 1962, he has sold more than half a million copies of his "superconscious recordings" on LP, cassette and CD and he received his first gold record in 1967 for 100,000 sales of Relax With Reveen.

He was also immortalized in a 1960s comic book, Reveen & Sons Unlimited. In 2009, CBC television in Canada aired a documentary on his life and career entitled The Man They Called Reveen.

Performing Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts (1997)
Dragon Award from the IBM

The Superconscious World (1987)

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