Autographed Original Richard Robinson's Mysteries Magic Poster - Poster 17.25" "x 31.25"
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Autographed Original Richard Robinson's Mysteries Poster

Richard Robinson, these days, is best known for his magic websites (allmagicguide, allmagic, etc.). What magicians forgot was that he had an incredible run as a performer with many Off-Broadway shows, college tours, as an opening act for major music groups, television appearances, published books on magic and much more.

Perhaps his biggest and most long lasting impact on magic is the influence he had on a generation of illusionists. One of the top music and variety shows of its time, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (1973-1981), featured Richard presenting four spots on May 10, 1980 with his unique take of theatrically and dramatically presented illusions. That appearance is often mentioned by illusionists as what got them hooked.

Posters were produced for many of his shows and live appearances but they are almost impossible to get. This particular “Robinson’s Mysteries” poster has a hidden optical illusion. See if you can find it.

The poster is printed on glossy stock and is 17.25" x 31.25" in size. We are very lucky to offer this unique and original poster and are even luckier that he agreed to hand-autograph them.
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