Diamond Jim Tyler Proof Sheet Magic Poster - Bamboozlers Volume 3 Proof Sheet
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Diamond Jim Tyler's Bamboozlers Volume 3 Proof Sheet (24inches X 31 inches)
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At the age of two Jim began mastering his future skills.
“I wasted the first year of my life.”

At the age of five Jim discovered a book on card tricks.
“It’s how I learned to count. That’s why I always thought that after ten came Jack.”

Whether at home, school or in between, Jim loved to entertain anyone who would watch.
“Nothing up my sleeves.”

For a short while Jim’s magic took a backseat to his writing, sketches and other creative outlets.
But then in high school the magic was back and he was known as Diamond Jim. While in high school Jim began working for a local magic shop to perfect his craft.

From there he put himself through college performing at private parties, local restaurants and for various company functions.

Now he is an accomplished entertainer who can compete with the best of them. “You’ve heard of David Blaine? He is one of my better students.”

Diamond Jim’s close-up magic has been awarded by the Texas Association of Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. His act has also been featured at the Improv, The Magic Circle in London and the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, California on numerous occasions.

Diamond Jim’s book Pockets Full of Miracles: Secrets from the Repertoire of a Professional Close-Up Magician is currently out of print and considered a classic. His new Bamboozlers series is receiving rave reviews from his peers.

Nowadays, DJ performs, writes, gives private lessons and group lectures, invents routines and markets magic effects all over the world!

“I have been blessed with a talent that amuses and amazes people. I have a lifetime of experience under my belt and yet I continually strive to make myself and my act better than the day before. The artist in me has always loved magic and I know that it shows each time I perform. Plus, I figure God is watching us so I might as well be entertaining!“ –Diamond Jim Tyler