Original Vintage Willard The Wizard World Famous Magician Magic Poster - original 21" x 15" poster
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Original Vintage Willard The Wizard World Famous Magician poster

21 by 15 Willard poster
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Harry Willard

Born Harry Francis Willard December 12, 1895 Clarksville, Texas
Died June 28, 1970 (age 74)

Harry Willard toured throughout the southwest United States with his tent show. On the road during his prime, he traveled with up to 17 trucks and his circus-like tent which could hold 2,000 people.

He was the son of a magician, Jim Michael Maroney (1853-1936), (changed later to Willard) who emigrated to California. Jim married his mother Lucy Mae Keaffer (of Spain) who performed with him under the stage name became Nellie Davenport.

At age 12, Harry left his father's show to join Christ Bros. Circus. In 1915, Harry took over his father's show and became "Willard the Wizard".
At one time there were three "Willard the Wizard" tent shows including his father Jim and his brother Tommy.
Magicians remember Harry best for his mastery of the Thumb Tie.
IBM Ring No. 174 in Dallas, Texas is known as the Willard the Wizard Ring.

Willard the Wizard (book) by Bev Bergeron (1978)
Willard - A Life Under Canvas by David Charvet (2008) Published by Mike Caveney's Magic Words