Jack Chanin Playing Cards
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Jack Chanin Playing Cards

This is a Bridge Size Deck Of Playing Cards and the back design of this deck is a collection of photos of Jack Chanin. The deck itself is Still Sealed in the Cellophane. This is a Very Rare and Very Collectible deck of playing cards!!

photo ishowing a card back design is only on the box and does appear on the cards. The cards all have the CHANIN design on the backs.
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Jack Chanin

January 15, 1907

November 09, 1997 (age 90)


Jack Chanin (1907-1997):
Was born in the Ukraine fled to Poland, and finally immigrated to the USA in 1926. Besides being a manufacturer, creator and owner of Chanin's Studio of Magic, he was also a performer and demonstrator. He would performed an Oriental act under the name Cha-Nin. He ran Philadelphia's oldest magic studio, Chanin's Studio of Magic, until 1981.

He had two different playing cards printed which were used for his promotions. A blue and gold bordered card featuring his Chinese act called Cha-Nin and a red and gold card titled "The Man With The Magic Hands" featuring photos of him performing manipulative routines.

Marketed Tricks:
•Mesh Egg Bag (1953)

• Seven in One (1928)
• Hello, Sucker! (1934)
• Cigar Manipulation (1937)
• Grand Finale (1937)
• Encyclopedia of Sleeving (1947)
• Chanin, The Man with the Magic Hands by David Haversat (2002)
• Jack Chanin: Classic Deceptions CD from Miracle Factory (2008)

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