Dai Vernon Playing Cards
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Memorbilia, Ephemera 
Dai Vernon Birthday Playing Cards - 1982
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
David Frederick Wingfield Verner - Dai Vernon (1894 -1994) a.k.a. The Professor was given a birthday party 88th year celebration in 1982. These are two blue decks from the decks that were created to honor the special event. The two decks were in the plastic wraps and were housed in San Pedro for a few years. That was when the decks received what you see in the photos. The decks have no odor. The decks are complete. I can fan them fairly easily. I think with a little technique, you should have two workable decks that will perform quite well. Not pulling and punches here, the decks have all 54 cards (two jokers each), but they need some TLC and maybe a little fanning powder will make the ready for your use. You be the judge. I am offering them because you just can't find these cards and hey, it's the Professor in a great pose.