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RUSS WALSH PLAYING CARDS Still sealed Chicago Magican

Maker is unspecified (Custom Made), Undated (probably 50's or 60's).
Inventor of the appearing cane.
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Location Magic Library (Home)
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Russell Walsh

Born William Russell Walsh
May 14, 1894
Cleveland, Ohio
Died May 29, 1971 (age 77)
Applewood Nursing Home in Matteson, Illinois
W. R. "Russ" Walsh (1894-1971) was an amateur magician who served as president of both S.A.M. and the I.B.M..[1]

Walsh invented Appearing Cane in 1947.[2]

He lived in Chicago in the 1950s[3]

Walsh Cane Routines written by Francis Martineau (1945)
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