Son of Simon Says! - More Close-Up Magic of Simon Lovell
Simon Lovell
L & L Publishing (2000)
In Collection
Magic tricks
USA  eng
Lovell, Simon: Son of Simon Says!
©2000 L&L Publishing
Hardcover, w/dj, 216 pages

Comment: (Andrew Pinard): Edited, Designed & Composed by Andrew J. Pinard; Illustrated by Simon Lovell
Photographed by Tom Gilbert, The Pinard Family

ix Acknowledgments
x Foreword by David Acer
xi Racherbaumer Says ... by Jon Racherbaumer
xiii Introduction

5 More Thoughts Of Chairman Lovell
5 So, What Do You Need to Learn Sleightwise to be a Magician?
6 The Mob and The Magi!
8 Pocket Management
9 Logic and Thinking
11 A Quick Word about Bar Magic
11 The Magic Moment

15 Card Stuff
15 Lovey Dovey Sandwich
19 Star Trick
22 Moments and Musings
23 The Namer
27 Two Cards and a Glass
31 The Murder Mystery
36 Moments and Musings
37 Super Play It Straight!
41 Imagination
47 Collectors 21!
53 Sidney the Hamster
57 The Flipster
62 Moments and Musings
63 Granama
67 Five-and-a-Half!
73 The Angle of the Dangle
77 Bermuderama
80 Moments and Musings
81 One Way to Bermuda
85 Blind Man’s Buff
89 Mousehunt by David Acer
95 Ace-O-Rama! by Shaun Robison
99 The Wyoming Wobble
105 The Bucket Cull
112 Moments and Musings
113 Waiting for God
117 Harry’s Catnip Principle

121 Not Card Stuff
121 Matchbox Betcha
123 Matchbox Betcha Number Two!
126 Moments and Musings
127 Don’t Touch by David Oliver
131 Two Pieces of Silliness
135 The Texas Chainthumb Massacre or Grand Guignol Revisited
139 Business Card Flash!
142 Moments and Musings
143 Coins, Dice and Grandfather’s Beer!
149 Imagiro
151 A Hair of the Dog by Bob Neale
157 Twisted Roses
163 Chop Wallet

169 For Advanced Maniacs Only
169 Fantasy in Salt and Vinegar by Ash Lee
171 The Incredible Card in Dove Number Two!
175 Lobster Watch!
180 Moments and Musings
181 Ring in Rat

187 Extra Bit
187 The Frisk of the Risk!
193 Endword
195 The Blow-Off
197 Works Cited
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