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M Ring

The M Ring is the Ultimate Hold Out Device

For decades, magicians have searched for the essential hold out device. Performing magic with the M Ring champions all other such devices. With this ring, you will be able to make objects vanish, reappear, or change. The M Ring can be utilized with coins, cards, silks, and more.

Specifically made for magicians, this is the universal symbol ring that immediately identifies secretly; the person who wears this ring is a magician. That is one reason why this ring is so unique, because only those that “know” know the meaning of this ring (secret society).

In some magic clubs this ring had to be earned and only after the magician passed several tests, was it awarded. In this sense it’s the equivalent of a badge of honor. I remember years ago, Presley Guitar used to make and sell these rings and now they are available again, in the finest of quality materials and craftsmanship from BJW.

The design itself is beautiful and unique, but the added secret meaning and elegant craftsman assures quality. No doubt you will have many layman inquire about this ring when they see it worn, and it’s up to you to explain it’s true meaning or leave it secret like 007!

The ring can be viewed either as, an “M” (for Magicians) or a “W” (for Wizard).
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Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
This ring is kinda bent up. It can be taken to a jeweler to be cleaned and straightened. Due to design it can be easily sized as well.

Real sterling silver, tarnished as shown.

I think the original size was a men's 8. At some point, The original owner decided he wanted to wear this ring on his pinky. So, He bent it a bit to make it smaller, to fit his pinky. I guess right now, it is about a 6-7 size. If taken to a jeweler, they can polish the ring, and probably size it a little, make it perfect again. I am not sure how large it can go, but at least an 8.

The man I purchased it from had this ring many years. It is the real thing. He was a Charter Member of IBM Ring 325 in Branson, Mo. This ring was to commemorate the occasion. It is very old, and a little bent. Not terrible, It can still be worn the way iti is.

Do not confuse with ones selling today for $30 or so. This one is sterling silver, and from "back in the day"