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( 1945 - )
Born Pavel Pomezný in Prague, Czechoslovakia, he began magic at an early age, and by 1960 had became the youngest member of the Nova Scena Kouzel, Czechoslovakia's magic society. He began tours to other European countries, and eventually made his way to the United States (1967), where he appeared on the Ed Sullivan TV show (1968). Today he lives in Geneva, Switzerland, where he continues to perform, invent new effects, and lecture.
Invented many effects, especially rope tricks: Fantastic Knot, Krazy Knot, Rapid Rope, Chameleon Knots, Super Walking Knot, Cord-Fusion + Equalization, The Black Knot, The Phenomenal Rope, Hop-Along Bangle, Staggering Spiral, Miracle Silk Pass (Rope thru neck).
Also Invented: Selected Silk in Balloon, Knot-The-Silk Routine, Pavel Change Tube, Balloon Box Blendo, Quadsilx, Sucker Blendo, Knots Off Silk and many more.
Wrote: Magical Creation or "How to invent a new Trick"