Harry Blackstone Sr.'s Dancing Hank
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Ephemera, Memorbilia
Memorbilia, Ephemera 
Dancing Hank

1940's & 50's Famous magician Harry Blackstone Sr signed directions Dancing Hank

Blackstone's Dancing Handkerchief - Detailed personal instructions
Actual signature - embossed gold seal
Next to Houdini, Harry Blackstone Senior was probably the worlds greatest magician.
Born Harry Bouton in Chicago, he began his career as a magician in his teens and was popular through world war 11 as a USO Entertainer. Sept. 27 1885 - Nov. 16th, 1965.This priceless four page document is a real collectors item.
Written in Harry's own words, it is exactly as he performed it.
All the master comedy touches. The electrifying effect as only Blackstone performed it. Every beautiful move... Every thought that made the SPIRIT HANDKERCHIEF famous. Detailed directions for every move. It's all here.
During the last few years of his life Harry Sr. occasionally worked at Bert Wheeler's famous Hollywood magic shop on Hollywood Blvd. I ordered this manuscript as a teenager in 1964 which was a year before Harry passed away.
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