Val Evans Card Rise
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Val Evans Card Rise

When was the last time you saw one of these? In very good condition and perfect working order, this is one of the slickest card rises ever. No threads. One performer. No angles - can be performed surrounded. Entirely self-contained. Perfect for stage and close up.

Borrow a deck of cards. Have cards selected and returned to the deck. You get them to the top using your favorite method. If you don't have a favorite method use Marlo's. Or Jim Swain's. Then put the deck into the red houlette, put the houlette on the slatted tray and turn up the music! One at a time, the cards will rise from the deck and through the slot in the top of the houlette. You control the rise so completely that it can rise slowing or quickly and even go back down a bit! Wow. You should have two of these. Alas, I only have one to sell.

Val Evans Card Rise

A silk is draped over the slated stand and the houlette is rested on top. The selected cards then rise one by one and all can be examined. No threads, a clever method.
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Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor