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Master Magician and Humorist

The versatile (and busy) KARRELL FOX has performed for, amazed and amused audiences in theatres, colleges, universities, on stage, screen, television (Ed Sullivan, Dick Cavett, etc.) luxury cruise ships, auto shows, trade shows, sales meetings and as an after dinner speaker and entertainer in top hotels throughout the world.
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His entertainment skills include not only comedy and magic but he is also a master at "close-up" magic -an authority and performer of Extra Sensory Perception and HYPNOSIS, and his one-man show as W. C. Fields has played to theatre audiences from coast to coast.
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Karrell has frequently been the subject of radio and television talk shows and interviews. He was featured in a segment of "P.M, Magazine" which was shown across the country. His latest T.V. assignment was starring in 4 "Magic Moments," Dick Cavette's television shows for cable T.V.'s H.B.O. He has also appeared as himself and W. C. Fields in over 25 television commercials and industrial films.
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Karrell has authored nine books on magic and its allied arts, the latest being "AB RAKFOX" which is high on the best seller lists around the world. His lecture tours have taken him to the British Isles, Canada, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, Japan and Australia.
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He has appeared on the Hollywood Magic Castles' annual "It's Magic" show and The Magic Circles' London Christmas Show, including the television versions of same.
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A recent press review wrote: Karrell Fox, if you count him one at a time is at least 5 or 6 of the world's best magical entertainers. He has created many different roles for himself, each for a specific type of audience and each has been successful. In all his roles his magic and humor are freshly original, but his personality transcends the tricks. He is never brash or smart alecky. He comes across as a pleasantly good humored, easy-going, and warm, friendly individual whose aim is not only to make people laugh but to make them happy.
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Karrell Fox (January 30, 1928 – March 12, 1998)

Grew up to become one of the most influential magicians of the 20th century. When he was a child, his parents operated a small restaurant in East Rainelle, West Virginia. A customer sneaked out without paying his bill, but left behind a few small tricks. With these, Karrell began his magic career.[1]

Karrell appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show at the age of 18, and was co-owner of a Detroit magic shop. Karrell Fox was one of the first Trade Show magicians and billed himself as "King of Korn". He also created the "Magic World of Ford" for the Ford Motor Company and toured with it for many years. He later had his own TV show, performing as Milky the Clown.

He was a "regular performer". at "Abbott's Get-Together"., surpassed only by Gordon Miller, an Abbott's employee/performer who introduces each Get-Together's evening performances, in total Get-Together appearances. He traditionally MC'ed and performed on the closing (Saturday evening) show of the Get-Together and the "act" was a lampoon of the other acts of that year's Get-Together and other happenings of note from the Get-Together. Abb Dickson was Karrell's "Partner in Fun" for more than 25 years, performing with him at magic conventions all over the world. For several years Karrell wrote the "FOX-TALES" Column in "TOPS" magazine.[2]

Karrell Fox served as the 48th President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (1986-1987).

To quote another magic legend, Harry Blackstone, Jr., "...The strongest possible effects achieved with the simplest possible methods has always been the Fox formula."[3]

Karrell Fox appeared on the Australian Magic Convention public show line-up June 8–11, 1984.[4]

1993, Karrell Fox gave a tour of Colon's Cemetery, filled with legendary magicians that have passed, during the Abbott's Magic Get Together.[5]

Karrell Fox was married to his "child bride" (as he often referred to her), Lynn, and had two sons, Karlin (a combination of Karrell's and Lynn's names) and Darrin. On February 18, 1996 in Palm Springs California, Karrell received a "Walk of Stars". "star"..

Karrell Fox is now buried at Lakeside Cemetery in Colon, Michigan.

Honors and awards
Sphinx Silver Medal (at 17)
Creative Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts

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Published works
Kornfidentially Yours (1954)
Comedy A La Card (1960)
Clever Like a Fox (1976)
Another Book by Karrell Fox (1979)
Abra K Fox (1983)
For My Next Trick (1986)
My Latest Book (1988)
Much Ado About Something (1995)
Karrell Fox, The Legend (1998) - Video