Special Lecture Close Up Notes - 1994-1995 Edition
Jerry Mentzer
Jerry Mentzer (1994)
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Magic tricks
stapled manuscript 
Mentzer, Jerry: Special Lecture Close Up Notes
©1994 Jerry Mentzer
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 15 pages

Comments: These lecture note provide detailed outlines of the effects, which are likely sufficient for most magicians, but not for beginners.


1 Elimination Prediction: self-working cards
1 Pairs: nearly self working cards
2 Four-Way Coincidence: self working cards
3 Boden's Wild Card Routine: using a force deck, IT card, and a Wild Card set
3 Mentzer's Final Ace Handling
5 Nine Way Variant: based on Kane's Variant
6 Magnetic Matrix: gimmicked coin effect
8 Move a Card: self working card
9 Undercover Inflation: penny grows in size
10 Dollar and Penny: silver dollar and penny transpo, with growing penny
10 No Deck: handling of Omni Deck
11 An Easy Ambitious Card Routine
12 Easy Shell Game: using plastic cubes and ball bearings
13 Torn and Restored - a Versatile Idea: idea for torn and restored effects

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