Milligan, Troy
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Milligan, Troy

OBV: Center flower design, around two circles around them seven Japanese characters
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Troy Milligan - Magician Milligan & Marianne

For me it all began in 1963, when I was first entranced by that mistress who would forever marshal my future ~ magic! It was then, at 10 years old, half a century ago that I saw the Tony Curtis movie "HOUDINI", the film was released the year I was born, 1953. It was during the straightjacket escape that I decide magic would be my calling.

I studied magic and lock picking at the library and met my first when I was 16. This was also when I learned about the Delaware Knights of Magic. I was invited to attend an open meeting and meet the members and their families at Jack Scurries house. This is where I also met my future wife Georgina (George Poirier's daughter) when she was but 13 years old. I was hooked on magic and her... I returned to several meeting and was promptly informed that I was too young to be considered for membership. I kept coming anyway and with the help of my mentor Paul Zill they finally just let me join! The DKOM is still the best magic club I have ever seen!

I proposed to Georgina in a magic show at an Air force base in Illinois, married in 1975.

1977 found me touring with the James E. Strait Shows - Sideshow Freaks Attraction. I worked 3 seasons with the likes of Melvin Burkhart, Sealo the Seal Boy, Lester-Ester the Hermaphrodite, Prince Arthur the Worlds Smallest Nego Midget, Emmet the Alligator Skinned Boy and Priscilla the Monkey Girl and many more, I was in heaven, these were my heroes growing up! These early years my performances were formed and supported by many of the DKOM members like; Sam Bailey, George Proud, Joe Brennan, Al Hit, Tex Counts, Jim Munden, Sam Holveck and Paul Zill... Just to name a few. The most generous members of any magic club.

1981 We moved to California to help improve my magic career and I promptly auditioned with National School Assemblies and was booked on my first school tour. I performed 580 shows over the next eight months then did two more years with them working all across America.

1985 I started working phone promoted shows for Big Jim Strong out of San Francisco.

1986 I formed my own promotion company and booking agency and focused on fund raising shows for the next several years.

1990 I got the opportunity to go to Japan and ended up performing on several islands throughout Asia for just over four years... Japan was my favorite.

1991 I put together a large illusion show with six female assistants for a theme park in Japan. This is where I met my current assistant Marianne and we have been partner ever since, best assistant I have ever had!

1995 I found myself back in the USA and needed to reinvent and rebuild my client base. Marianne and her husband moved to Sacramento so we could keep working together, we were truly a magical pair. I decided to avoid the birthday party stuff and small shows to focus on clients that had money to spend and started my trade show magic business. Best financial move I ever made. I also put together a River Boat Illusion show that we booked several times in Sacramento aboard the Delta King historic Riverboat.

1999 I was hit with some difficulties that made life hard but the trade show magic helped pull me through. But, I was not performing as much and the depression helped me get fat, lazy and out of shape.

All considered I have lived a charmed life. My career as a professional magician and escape artist has spanned generations. I have performed in virtually every venue conceivable from my days as a freak swallowing razor blades and fire to working a prison in Okinawa, Japan, where I pick pocketed the Warden's wallet on stage, the inmates loved it.

I have performed at half time shows for professional sports teams and school shows in every state in the union. I have performed for blind children and created a magic routine for a contestant in the Miss California pageant. I have been on late night television, even several DR. Shock shows that were my favorites, plus I even presented magic on the radio. I currently have several magic clients I coach and help in developing new routines and teach them how to better market their act. Now I am excited to later this year share my quick healthy weight loss program and workout ideas that have also been inspired Houdini.

While I have enjoyed an enduring career bringing smiles to countless many, one goal has eluded me ~ Performing Houdini's Water Torture Cell. That is changing... I have now strengthened my mind and body, changed my stagnate thinking overcoming obesity and conquering diabetes. I am on my way to performing Houdini's greatest illusion. This journey has brought me back to life and given me the opportunity to honor the Legend that shaped my magical life. Follow me and support my adventure if you can, check out my project Becoming Houdini, it has been life saving!