Alexander Adrion - Throw Out Card
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Adrion Throw Out Card-His Photo-Red Pattern Back

This is an Adrion Throw Out Card-His Photo-Red Pattern Back-v.FINE-
FRONT: His photo gesturing with his right hand. "ADRION" below photo to the right.
BACK: Red color European back
DATE: Circa 1920s/30s
SIZE: 3 5/16 by 3 9/16 inches, round corners
COND: All in otherwise Very Fine, almost Mint Condition.

From Magicpedia, courtesy of Genii Magazine:

Alexander Adrion (1923-2013) was a German magician.

Aexander Adrion (1923-2013) was a German magician. He learned from Conradi-Horster at the age of fourteen and after finishing school he served in the miltary (1942).

After the war with his release from American captivity, he began studying at the University of Tübingen. He would meet actor and write Werner Finck, who advised him to develop his own style away from the traditional entertainment venues.

Starting in 1955 Adrion used his free time, in addition to guest appearances, for research into the history of magic, oriental magic and psychology of deception. He was author and technical adviser of the film "Robert-Houdin, the magician." In 1985, Adrion retired from the stage and dedicated his time to historical interests of magic and its publications. Many of his publications have been translated into foreign languages.

Zauberei, Zauberei (1968)
Die Kunst zu Zaubern (1978)
Adrion's Zauber Kabinett (1980)
Taschendiebe (1992)
Mein Altes Zauberbuch (1979), version of "German Hocus Pocus" (1768)
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