7x Petrick (Maroon)
Petr Krejcik
Petrick (Petr Krejcik)
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Magic tricks
Softcover, saddle-stitched 
Praha, CSSR  eng
Petrick & Mia: 7x Petrick (Maroon)
© Petrick & Mia, CA
Softcover, stapled, 5.5x8.5", 15 pages

Comments: Maroon cover (somewhere between purple and red) with a silhouette of Petrick throwing a ball into the air (silhouette by Dai Vernon). Illustrations by Mia. Covers Stage Magic.

The Seven by Petrick Series were released in seven volumes, each with seven tricks, and each with a different color cover and topic covered. The others were:

7X Petrick Red with 7 of Hearts - Cards
7X Petrick Blue with 7 of Clubs and hand with Billiard Balls - Ball Magic
7X Petrick Green with 7 of Clubs and a Handkerchief - Silk magic
7X Petrick Orange with Joker - Cards
7X Petrick Black with 7 of Spades - Cards
7X Petrick Purple with silhouette of Petrick's profile - Miscellaneous Magic

2 The Doggy Bag: balloon animal dog finds card selection
4 The Balloon Bang Box: a pierced balloon box trick seems to go wrong
6 Cut and Restored Ribbons - Revisited: clever platform cut and restored
8 The Cardsharp Sharpshooter: bang gun and card silk revelation
10 Sucker Ring Off Rope: magician appears to cut the rope to remove the ring, but rope is restored
12 Sim Sala Bim Bag: torn and restored newspaper, with some clever twists
14 A Glove Full of Milk: constructed from 1 quart milk cartons

Product Details
No. of Pages 15
First Edition Yes
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Here are some details from the volumes I have:

7 X Petrick. Red cover: 7 of hearts. 16 pages with cover.

1. Four ace trick
2. Card chosen by spectator vanishes from closed card box and reappears under a jumbo card.
3. Card selected by spectator is "shot" through then all the cards except the selected card are shot through leaving a hole through the deck.
4. Blank cards become printed with card backs.
5. Selected card appears in closed card box.
6. Card transposition effect in spectator's hand.
7. Selected card is revealed by knocking three pips out of the box. Pips do not match selected card (one short). Spectator goes through cards and finds a special card with only one pip but index reveals that it was four and matches the selected card.

7 X Petrick. Blue cover: 7 of clubs with hand holding three balls. 16 pages with cover.

1. Production of large ball from previously empty top hat.
2. Production of six balls from a shawl.
3. Produced ball disappears from the enclosure of a scarf.
4. Color-changing ball with scarf.
5. Color-changing balls through tube.
6. Vanishing large ball from top hat.
7. Floating large ball.

7 X Petrick. Green cover: 7 of clubs with handkerchief. 16 pages with cover.

1. A knot tied by the performer changes into a colorful bouquet.
2. Bow-tie removed by the performer transforms into a black scarf. Bow-tie then reappears on the performer's neck.
3. Performer produces a number of giant coins from a sheer scarf.
4. Penetration of a giant coin through a scarf.
5. Three scarves are tied together in one corner and then transform to a chain of scarves.
6. The production of many banknotes (bills) from the center of a sheer scarf.
7. Three knots tied in the center of three scarves vanish despite the ends of the three scarves being tied together in a circle.

7 X Petrick. Orange cover: Joker. 16 pages with cover.

1. Card selected by spectator is replaced into deck. This is then placed into the card box which is bound by a rubber band. Performer removes the selected card, apparently penetrating the box and the rubber band.
2. Selected card is revealed after being placed in card box (shiner).
3. Jumbo card is pushed by a spectator into the deck. Performer reveals that the jumbo card is next to the selected card.
4. Transformation of blank card to selected card (color change).
5. Transformation of five regular cards to five blank cards.
6. A five of diamonds is placed face up on table. Performer indicates it is selected card but spectator disagrees. Using four other cards, performer covers the corner pips with face down cards to "transform" it into the ace of diamonds which matches the card. Four face-down cards are lifted to reveal that the five has actually transformed into the ace.
7. A full deck is placed into a transparent card case with a selected card at the face. With a knock, all the cards fuse and become a "thick" single card (deck switch).

7 X Petrick. Black cover: 7 of spades. 16 pages with cover.

1. A selected (court) card is revealed and then the middle is knocked out.
2. A card is selected and then lost in the deck. A special spinning tray is displayed. An indifferent card is removed from the deck and placed on the tray. The tray is placed into motion and when it stops it is revealed that the card has transformed into the selected card.
3. Selected card is lost in the deck. Spectator deals the cards face up until performer says stop. The card stopped at is the selected card (shiner).
4. Selected card appears on the face of a vertically-held deck (color change).
5. Flashy transformation of an indifferent card to a selected one.
6. One card is held perpendicular to the deck. It penetrates the rest of the deck which is then displayed as completely normal.
7. Nine cards are laid out face up on the table in a three by three grid. They are turned over one at a time to reveal the design of a single jumbo playing card.

The other two volumes are slightly narrower (approximately 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches). They reproduce the glossy stock for the cover but the interiors are matte paper. The two volumes reproduce the same title page with artwork from the other five volumes but with the following copy:

7 X

PETRICK & MIA 1523-A No. La Brea Ave. #132
Hollywood, CA 90028
(213) 222-2052

MAGIC EFFECTS: all original material, all developed by PETRICK.

COVER: Josef Manas SILHOUETTE: Dai Vernon


as told to Jim Kahlert who wrote up the effects. Jim teaches
the popular course MAGIC CLOSE UP at the University of
Southern California. For information about evening classes,
call Jim at (213) 472-3770.

7 X Petrick. Purple cover: Silhouette of Petrick's face and neck profile. 16 pages with cover.

1. Lipstick Levitation: Selected card placed against the outside of the filled card box rises over the deck (like a rising card but rotating up and away from the box).
2. Balloon Penny-tration: Penetration of a penny into an empty, blown-up balloon.
3. The Shrinking Card: A card is selected from a regular deck which transforms into a miniature deck. The selected card is replaced into the (now) miniature deck only to transform to a random card.
4. Strange Change: A card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. A random card is folded in half longitudinally, reopened and then displayed to the audience. This card is then visually transformed into the signed selection retaining the crease.
5. Fail-Safe Bank Night: Bank night routine and method.
6. The Voodoo Queen: A selected card (queen) is tortured by bending it in the middle. The deck is table spread to reveal three other creased cards which match the selected card.
7. The Magic Mat: An indifferent card is waved over a close-up mat only to transform into a selected card which may be thoroughly examined.

7 X Petrick. Purple cover: Full body silhouette of Petrick throwing a ball in the air. 16 pages with cover.

1. The Doggy Bag: An inflated 260Q balloon is placed into a shopping bag. A spectator is asked to look in the bag and confirm that the balloon has twisted itself into the shape of a doggy which is then used to find a selected card from a deck placed in the bag.
2. The Balloon Bang Box: An inflated balloon is placed inside an empty cardboard box. Skewers are then placed one at a time through the walls of the box. After a few are inserted, the balloon is heard to pop. Continuing the trick, more skewers are inserted and then removed to reveal a balloon inside the box completely unharmed.
3. Cut and Restored Ribbons - Revisited: See title.
4. The Cardsharp Sharpshooter: Modified "bang gun" that reveals a playing card silk rather than the conventional "bang" silk.
5. Sucker Ring Off Rope: Gag finish to a ring and rope routine involving a knot that vanishes.
6. Sim Sala Bin Bag: Uses the bag from "The Doggy Bag" to effect a torn and restored newspaper in stages.
7. A Glove Full Of Milk: Production of milk into two empty containers by "milking" a rubber glove.