Tricks With Your Head - Hilarious Magic Tricks And Stunts To Disgust And Delight
King, Mac
Three Rivers Press (2002)
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Magic tricks
Paperback 0-609-80591-6
USA  eng
King, Mac & Mark Levy: Tricks With Your Head
©2002 Mark Levy & Mac King, Three Rivers Press, NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 203 pages
ISBN-13: 9780609805916
ISBN-10: 0609805916

Content (from book ToC):

9 Foreword - Why You Should Let Mac King Play Tricks With Your Head (Penn And Teller)
11 Preface - Mark Levy, Super Genius (By Mac King)
15 The Headless Wonder
19 Cat Chiropractor
23 Boomerang Gum
28 Funnel In Pants
30 Telekinetic Tip
33 Biting Off A Piece
36 Nose Card Rise
41 A Roll Of Quarters
44 Spaghetti-Eating Contest
46 Thumb Through Ear
51 Too Many Pips
53 Using Your Head To Beat A Speeding Ticket
56 Headweigh
58 Zit Squeeze
63 Hanging A Spoon
66 The Wonderfultelephone Trick
69 Straw From Nose
75 Smack!
77 A Singularly "Pourous” Head
79 Scalehead
82 Eating A Flame
84 Samurai Rubber Band
87 Rubber Cement Retard
92 Toothpick
95 Slap! Slap! All Fall Down!
100 Ping-Pong Ball On Nose
102 Swallowing A Goldfish
105 Pick My Nose! Pick My Nose!
A Funny Possession
111 Nosebreak
114 A Really Good Nosebleed Gag
116 The Old Head-Bangs-Into-The-Door Gag
119 A Trick With Alexander Hamilton's Head
121 The Impaling Straw
128 Fingertip Eyeballs
131 Swallowing A Knife
136 Hypnohead
142 Eye In The Bag
146 He Aw Head
150 A Coin From Heaven
155 The Sound Of Nothing
157 The Toast
159 Stuck On You
162 Seeing Through A Body
166 Head Candy
169 Bread Snot
171 Big Ben
173 How To Make The Air In Your Lungs Change Places With The Air In A Balloon
175 French Fry Up Nose
179 Blowhole
183 Dog Jaw
187 Eyescream

195 Epilogue: Why This Book Is Good For You
199 Authors’ Note: The Truth About Cousin Bill
201 Acknowledgments
203 About The Authors

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