Bert Easley - Throw Out Card
3d Magician Throw Cards
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Bert Easley Throw Out Card
(c. 1940 - 1950's)

This Is A Really Neat Scarce Card. Card Is Complete And Intact. Notice On The Front He Is Holding A Drink, On The Back The Drink Is Gone And His Eyes Are In Double Vision! Really Neat And Has Some Scrapebook Marks, Card Looks Great.
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Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Bert Easley

Herbert Cecil Easley
Shawnee, Oklahoma

Bert Easley (1904- November 12, 1987) was born Herbert Cecil Easley in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He was a comedy magician, acrobat and magic dealer. He was known for his drunken comedy act and billed himself as the "Tipsy Trickster" with a routine called "Leaning Shoes". It included "The Lean" effect in which the feet remain flat on the floor while the body leans forward, defying the laws of gravity. He worked night clubs with Jerry Lewis and Harry Blackstone.

When he retired, he opened the Bert Easley's Fun Shop in Phoenix, Arizona in 1947. In 1948 Bert's act was awarded the Carl Fleming Trophy for "the most outstanding comedy act" at the annual convention of the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians.

From 1951 through 1955, Bert served as Territorial Vice President of the I.B.M. and Bert was an honorary life member of the Academy of Magical Arts.

In September 1981, Genii Magazine honored Bert by dedicating an issue to him.
He died from complications following surgery for the amputation of one of his legs.
He is the namesake of the I.B.M. Ring 55, which he was one of the founders.

Doing Magic for Youngsters (1948)

Cover Genii 1981 August
Obit Genii 1987 October