Siems - Throw Out Card
3d Magician Throw Cards
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Memorbilia, Ephemera 
Siems Throw Out Card

With Theatrical Performance Image In Front And Extensive Advertising On The Back.
ca. 1910S -20's
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Extras Rare
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
John Siems
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John Siems (1883 - 1957) born Johannes Siems in Copenhagen was known as "The Little Siems" because he is small of size.

John Siems
Born 1883
Died 1957

iems performed in all parts of the world including appearances at Buckingham Palace on four occasions and a total of 78 weeks in four of London's theaters. He performed in the United States in 1940s and 50s and may have become an American citizen.

Siems reported to Abracadabra magazine that he appeared as the first magician to play at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, July 7, 1963. He also claimed to be the sole magical appearance at Soldiers' Field in Chicago where he produced a fir-tree from a paper cone.

In 1952, he performed for the Cole Bros. Circus.

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