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Throwout Card-Valcarte (Val Evans) ca.1940s-He hides behind Jack of Hearts

This is throwout Card for Valcarte (Val Evans) ca.1940s.

FRONT: His photo standing behind a large jack of hearts. Corner pips are his stage name, "Valcarte".
BACK: Red pattern back with text on his show, " ... See VALCARTE THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE BEAT"
DATE: Circa 1940s
SIZE: 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches, round corners.
COND: All in otherwise very Fine, almost Mint condition.

From the Propelled Pasteboards Website:

Val Evans, born Valentine Bagley Evans in 1896, was known at one time as the “Creator of Super-Subtleties” in the magic world. He was born in Lynn, Massachusetts. Evans was a veteran of World War I, was decorated with combat medals in offensives on the Somme, Aisne and the Meuse-Argonne, as well as the Marne. He served overseas for some 22 months.

In the 1930’s, Evans performed a ventriloquist show as well as a Punch and Judy show. In the 1940’s, he had a unique throw out card with his billing name as “Valcarte”. He spent most of his life as a professional entertainer creating a number of magic effects including “An Invitation to Lunch”, the "Stop Trick", Card Rising Tray. Some of the lesser-known effects include The Self Solvent Wand, Pasteboard Perplexities, Five Little Bafflers, The Nutric Changing Card, O.K. Spirits Pictures, Mechanical Memory, The E.Z. Cigarette Apparatus, and the Instantric Card Frame.

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Val Evans

Val Evans (1896-1981),born Valentine Bagley Evans, created many effects including "An Invitation to Lunch", a version of Rising Cards and the "Stop Trick" (which is sold by Vikings/Collector's Workshop).

Val Evans
Born: Valentine Bagley Evans 1896

Died: February 03, 1981

Evans, a veteran of World War I, was a barker before he was stricken with agoraphobia and would not leave home to go outside, which ended his performing career. He was a member of IBM Ring 122 in Boston and was the last surviving charter member of SAM Assembly 9.

Patter, Gags and Bits of Business for Magicians (1935)
Stacks and Stacks of Cards (1940)