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Membership Card 
Society of American Magicians Membership Card for George L Weisensel
S.A.M. President Dr. Harlan Tarbell 1949-50


Magician ID Card Signed by Joe Berg, Okito, Matt Shuben and Harlen Tarbell 1950

1950 Society of American Magicians ID card for George L Weisensel (semi-pro magician that went by Weisini) signed on the back by Joe Berg, Okito and Matt Shuben
Apparently it was common to do shows and have the other magicians sign your ID card
Good condition with edge wear
Front was signed by Harlen Tarbell President of S.A.M.

Past National Presidents of
The Society of American Magicians

1902-05 W. Golden Mortimer*
1905-06 John W. Sargent*
1906-08 Francis J. Werner*
1908-09 Oscar S. Teale*
1909-10 William A. Ransom*
1910-11 Elmer P. Ransom*
1911-12 Charles Roltare*
1912-14 Henry Hatton*
1914-15 Lionel M. Homburger*
1915-17 Richard Van Dien*
1917-26 Harry Houdini*
1926-27 Bernard M. L. Ernst*
1927-29 Howard Thurston*
1929-30 Theodore Hardeen*
1930-31 James C. Wobensmith*
1931-32 Werner F. Dornfield*
1932-33 Bertram E. Adams*
1933-34 William H. McCaffrey*
1934-35 William R. Walsh*
1935-36 Julien J. Proskauer*
1936-37 Irving R. Calkins, M.D.*
1937-38 Theodore T. Golden*
1938-39 Nate Leipzig*
1939-40 Eugene Bernstein*
1940-41 H. Adrian Smith*
1941-42 Richard Cardini*
1942-43 Herman Hanson*
1943-44 John B. Handy*
1944-45 Warren E. Simms*
1945-46 Raymond F. Muse*
1946-47 Bert Allerton*
1947-48 Charles C. Slayton*
1948-49 John McArdle*
1949-50 Dr. Harlan Tarbell*
1950-51 Richard DuBois*
1951-52 Austin C. Gorham*
1952-53 Leslie P. Guest*
1953-55 William R. Greenough*
1956-57 Charles O. Schoke*
1957-58 Milbourne Christopher*
1958-59 Hugh R. Riley*
1955-56 Lloyd E. Jones*
1959-60 Thomas K. Hawbecker*
1960-61 William J. McCarthy*
1961-62 Neil C. Doren, M.D.*
1962-63 George E. Mueller, M.D.*
1963-64 Edward Schneider*
1964-65 J. Ronald Haines* 1965-66 James C. Johnson, M.D.*
1966-67 John U. Zweers*
1967-68 Vynn Boyar*
1968-69 Edward A. Schuman*
1969-70 Forrest F. Sample*
1970-71 Bradley M. Jacobs
1971-72 J. Gary Bontjes*
1972-73 Edward E. Mishell*
1973-74 Richard L. Gustafson
1974-75 William P. Dunbaugh*
1975-76 Dr. Roy Kupsinel*
1976-77 Charles W. Brigham*
1977-78 Donald E. Lea*
1978-79 Roy A. Snyder
1979-80 Bruce Fletcher
1980-81 James Zachary
1981-82 Henry Moorehouse*
1982-83 Herb Downs*
1983-84 Frank W. Dailey*
1984-85 Raymond M. Corbin*
1985-86 Cesareo R. Pelaez*
1986-87 David R. Goodsell
1987-88 William E. Andrews*
1988-89 Robert A. Steiner
1989-90 Fr. Cyprian Murray, OFM, Cap.
1990-91 Margaret Dailey*
1991-92 Michael D. Douglass
1992-93 George Schindler
1993-94 Dan Rodriguez
1994-95 Dan Garrett
1995-96 Don Oltz
1996-97 Craig Dickson
1997-98 Loren Lind
1998-99 Gary Hughes
1999-2000 Harry Monti
2000-2001 Jann Goodsell
2001-2002 Warren Kaps
2002-2003 Ed Thomas
2003-2004 Jay Gorham
2004-2005 John W. Apperson
2005-2006 Rich Dooley
2006-2007 Andy Dallas
2007-2008 Maria Ibanez
2008-2009 Bruce Kalver
2009-2010 Mike Miller
2010-2011 Mark Weidhaas
2011-2012 Vinny Grosso
(* deceased)
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Society of American Magicians

The Society of American Magicians, founded on May 10, 1902 in Martinka's famous magic shop in New York City, New York, is the oldest magical society in the world. For over a century it has promoted the ideals shared by Kellar, Houdini, Thurston and over 30,000 others world-wide who have held membership in the society. These ideals include the elevation of the Art of Magic, the promotion of harmony among magicians, and the opposition of the unnecessary public exposure of magical effects.
Through its monthly publications, annual conventions, and with over 250 "Assemblies" throughout the world, the S.A.M. provides the necessary forum for the advancement of magic through discussions, lectures, research, performances, and exchange of magic secrets within the magic community. To promote these endeavors the S.A.M. presents awards and fellowships in recognition of outstanding achievement in the Art of Magic.


1 History
2 Official Organs
3 Dean
4 Hall of Fame
5 Past Presidents
6 Official Web Site
7 References


On April 26, 1902, thirteen men assembled, with W. Golden Mortimer as the chairman. "The time had come, they agreed, for a real organization of wizards. Committees were appointed to study possible by-laws and other details. Enthusiasm burned bright. Saturday, May 3rd, the group had grown to 23 men, and a week later, May 10th, The Society of American Magicians met for the first time as a permanent organization."[1] Dr. Saram Ellison, one of the co-founders, became member No. 1.
On February 7,1904, Harry Houdini was elected to membership and at the Fourth Annual Dinner Show held on June 4,1908, which included Harry Kellar, Howard Thurston, Signor Deadato, Imro Fox, and T. Nelson Downs, Houdini was named as an Honorary Member.
Over 260 S.A.M. Assemblies have been established world wide. "M-U-M" is the official publication of the S.A.M. The letters stand for "Magic - Unity - Might".
The Society of Young Magicians (S.Y.M.) was established in July, 1984.
In July 2002, the Society celebrated its Centennial Year in New York City along with the US Postal Services which issued a Houdini Commemorative Stamp during the Centennial Celebration.
Members over the years have included many professional magicians including Harry Blackstone, Jr., Siegfried & Roy, Lance Burton and David Copperfield.

Official Organs

Mahatma contained the official Society of American Magicians column beginning in July, 1902 and starting with the September, 1902 issue, it was their official organ.
The Sphinx became the western organ of the Society of American Magicians with Volume 1 Number 9 (November 1909) and with Volume 8 (March 1909) it started proclaiming itself to be the official organ of the Society of American Magicians.
M-U-M started in October, 1911 by Charles Roltare. It did not take the place of the SAM's Official Organ, The Sphinx. It was a private circulation, to members only, to discuss intimate subjects pertaining to the precepts of the Society. Its columns were open to members only.
Starting with the October, 1927, M-U-M was printed within the pages of The Sphinx.
On May 1932, Sphinx stops declaring itself as the official organ of SAM.
On September, 1932 issue of Sphinx it starts declaring it contains "Official Reports of the Society of American Magicians and Other" and continues to until February 1936.
In 1941, the S.A.M. contracted Genii to print their M-U-M as part of the magazine.
Starting in June, 1951, Milbourne Christopher took over, publishing it again as an independent magazine and MUM has been continuously published ever since.


George Schindler is currently the Dean of the Society of American Magicians, a lifetime appointment. Past Deans include Harry Kellar (the first Dean), Frederick Eugene Powell, Al Baker, Jean Hugard, Herman Hanson, Werner Dornfield, H. Adrian Smith and Jay Marshall.
Hall of Fame

On October 25, 1971, the SAM opened their Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame and Magic Museum in Hollywood, California. It featured photographs and hand-drawn portraits of the magicians elected into the Hall of Fame by the National Council upon the recommendations of the National Historians Committee. Magicians elected to the Hall date from Dedi of Ancient Egypt to contemporary stars of magic.
In December 2004, a transformer fire sent toxic fumes into the Washington Mutual Bank Building that housed the Hall of Fame Museum. Local Government officials ordered the building closed until the toxic contaminants could be remediated following EPA procedures. The museum remained sealed and the contents inaccessible for years. Access to artifacts became available in 2010 and the search for a new home for the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame is currently underway.[2]

Past Presidents

1902-05 W. Golden Mortimer (Toured the United States as "Mortimer's Mysteries" before becoming a physician.)
1905-06 John W. Sargent (Performed as "Sargent the Merry Wizard" and was secretary to Harry Houdini)
1906-08 Francis J. Werner (A society entertainer, musician, artist and magician. Also worked for U.S. Customs Service)
1908-09 Oscar S. Teale (An architect, illustrator and researcher for Houdini)
1909-10 William A. Ransom (Executive Secretary to wealthy railroad businessmen)
1910-11 Elmer P. Ransom (Toured America with own show before becoming one of New York's top society entertainer.)
1911-12 Charles Roltare (Professional vaudeville magician and first editor of M-U-M)
1912-14 Henry Hatton (born Patrick Henry Cannon and stage name around 1867)
1914-15 Lionel M. Homburger (The third editor for MUM and later legally changed name to Dr. Lionel Hartley)
1915-17 Richard Van Dien (Lived to be 90 and had one of the most extensive magic libraries in New Jersey)
1917-26 Harry Houdini (One if the most well known magicians to ever live)
1926-27 Bernard M. L. Ernst (Amateur magician and lawyer of Harry Houdini)
1927-29 Howard Thurston (Had one of the largest traveling Vaudeville magic show of the time)
1929-30 Theodore Hardeen (Brother of Houdini)
1930-31 James C. Wobensmith (Author and attorney who patented many of Thurston's illusions)
1931-32 Werner F. Dornfield (Known as "Dorny" was close friend of Houdini and Thurston)
1932-33 Bertram E. Adams ("New England's busiest magician" whose magic collection is now in the Boston Public Library)
1933-34 William H. McCaffrey (One of the best card magicians of his time)
1934-35 William R. Walsh (Invented Appearing Cane in 1947)
1935-36 Julien J. Proskauer (Published Conjurors' Magazine 1945-1947)
1936-37 Irving R. Calkins, M.D. (Surgeon and Olympic pistol expert)
1937-38 Theodore T. Golden (Noted Washington D.C. Lawyer)
1938-39 Nate Leipzig (One of the Card Stars of the U.S.A.)
1939-40 Eugene Bernstein (Prominent Chicago attorney that specialized in hypnosis and spook shows)
1940-41 H. Adrian Smith (Magic collector)
1941-42 Richard Cardini (Master magician whose career spanned almost half a century)
1942-43 Herman Hanson ("Mystic Hanson" worked on Howard Thurston's show and later managed Max Holden's magic shop)
1943-44 John B. Handy (Bred miniature rabbits at his estate, "Nolanus", which contained a magic theater)
1944-45 Warren E. Simms (Professional magician, ventriloquist billed as "the White House magician")
1945-46 Raymond F. Muse
1946-47 Bert Allerton
1947-48 Charles C. Slayton
1948-49 John McArdle
1949-50 Dr. Harlan Tarbell
1950-51 Richard DuBois
1951-52 Ace Gorham
1952-53 Leslie P. Guest
1953-55 William R. Greenough
1956-57 Charles O. Schoke
1957-58 Milbourne Christopher
1958-59 Hugh Riley
1955-56 Lloyd E. Jones
1959-60 Thomas K. Hawbecker
1960-61 William J. McCarthy
1961-62 Neil C. Doren, M.D.
1962-63 George E. Mueller, M.D.
1963-64 Edward Schneider
1964-65 J. Ronald Haines
1965-66 James C. Johnson, M.D.
1966-67 John U. Zweers
1967-68 Vynn Boyar
1968-69 Edward A. Schuman
1969-70 Forrest F. Sample
1970-71 Bradley M. Jacobs
1971-72 J. Gary Bontjes
1972-73 Edward E. Mishell
1973-74 Richard L. Gustafson
1974-75 William P. Dunbaugh
1975-76 Dr. Roy Kupsinel
1976-77 Charles W. Brigham
1977-78 Donald E. Lea
1978-79 Roy A. Snyder
1979-80 Bruce Fletcher
1980-81 James Zachary
1981-82 Henry Moorehouse
1982-83 Herb Downs
1983-84 Frank W. Dailey
1984-85 Raymond M. Corbin
1985-86 Cesareo R. Pelaez
1986-87 David R. Goodsell
1987-88 William E. Andrews
1988-89 Robert A. Steiner (?-2013)
1989-90 Fr. Cyprian Murray, OFM, Cap.
1990-91 Margaret Dailey
1991-92 Michael D. Douglass
1992-93 George Schindler
1993-94 Dan Rodriguez
1994-95 Dan Garrett
1995-96 Don Oltz
1996-97 Craig Dickson
1997-98 Loren Lind
1998-99 Gary Hughes
1999-2000 Harry Monti
2000-2001 Jann Goodsell
2001-2002 Warren Kaps
2002-2003 Ed Thomas
2003-2004 Jay Gorham
2004-2005 John W. Apperson
2005-2006 Rich Dooley
2006-2007 Andy Dallas
2007-2008 Maria Ibanez
Official Web Site


? The Founding of the Society, MUM, November 2001