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Ivanhoe-Frank Everhart-Black Knight Bar
Association Piece-Not in Token Book

Not listed in Kuethe Courville (Ivanhoe Bar where Frank Everhart Sr. worked at the Black Knight Bar for 21 years))
Association piece
LOCATION: Chicago, IL.
OBV: Knight in armor on horse back with jousting lance, with text around: "IVANHOE / CHICAGO / ILLINOIS / 3000 NORTH CLARK ST."
REV: Image of bucket hanging in well, with text around: "WISHING WELL / ONE DOLLAR IN TRADE"
COMPOSTION; Brass or Copper Plated Brass Coin Struck 39mm Smooth Edge

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COND: Minor age discoloration.

Frank Everhart was the magic bartender at the Black Knight Bar at the Ivanhoe.

Frank pioneered the concept of the "Magic Bar" at the famous Ivanhoe Restaurant and Lounge in Chicago in the 40's. He was the magician on "The Bozo Show" on TV.
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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Frank Everhart, Sr.
Born September 10, 1921 Alverton, Pennsylvania
Died July 31, 2004 (age 82) Alton, Illinois

Frank Everhart Sr. (1921 - 2004) was a magic bartender that believed in making people smile[1].

Learning to tend bar in San Diego, California at the El Cortez Hotel, he later moved to Chicago by 1949, working the Gay 90's Room of the Hotel LaSalle where Johnny Platt was the house magician. Frank's interest in magic began when he saw the great tips Platt was making compared to his from working behind the bar.

Platt taught magic and in 1953 Everhart went to work at the Ivanhoe (still in Chicago) where he stayed for 21 years.

Everhart also appeared on the Bozo Show in the 1950’s

In 1977, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee to become "Vice President of Fun" for his longtime corporate client Richards Manufacturing.

Everhart retired in 1986 and later moved to Illinois, near St. Louis and wrote a column called "Frankly Speaking" for John Fabjance's Legerdemain Magazine.

Everhart popularized "Chicago Opener" and the story-telling card trick "Sam the Bellhop".

His son, Frank Everhart, Jr., carried on the tradition of magic at the Schooner Wharf in Key West.[2]

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