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Christmas Card, Ephemera
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****1929 CHRISTMAS CARD ****

This is a Christmas card was purchased from Carl Lohrey. The front of the card shows Santa coming out of a Genie lamp with the initials S. A. M. on it, and reads, MERRIE CHRISTMAS 1929 (shown in the first photo). The inside cover reads, "Evning and the Fireplace at Royal Lodge, Headquarters of the Secretary Society of American Magicians National Council, Easton, Bridgeport, Conn". The second photo is of Theo. Hardeen (younger brother of Houdini, who passed away in 1945), Pres. John Mulholland, passed in 1970 (editor of the Sphinx for 20 years, had an extensive magic collection that now belongs to David Copperfield). Royal L. Vilas, Sec., Eva Silber, Asst. to the Sec., May Ward, guest. The card is made of heavy stock. It does show some soil on the front, but not bad after all these years. The photo is in the Sepia tones of the day.
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