Blackstone, Harry JR. & SR. -- MT034.012 - (Brass)
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Blackstone, Harry JR. & SR. -- MT034.012

Not in Kuethe
LOCATION: Redlands, CA
DATE: 1993
OBV: "SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MAGICIANS / 1993 / HARRY BLACKSTONE JR. AMBASSADOR OF MAGIC", around bust of Blackstone, with floating light bulb and hoop.
REV: "THE FLOATING LIGHT BULB / THE GREAT BLACKSTONE- 1885-1965", around Blackstone, Sr. floating a light bulb.

Composition: Br, Silver Medal ST. 39-R

Date: 1993. Scarce. Not listed in [Kuethe]. Issued by the Society of American Magicians to honor renowned magician Harry Blackstone, Jr. (1934-1997) and his father Harry Blackstone, Sr. (1885-1965). Issued in both brass and silver; this is the brass version.

Condition: Mint
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Extras Limited Minting
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor