Duleni (a.k.a. William Richard DuBois)
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A photo of Duleni (a.k.a. William Richard DuBois)

Small photo 6.75" X 4.5" agfa Lupex paper. Back says Rombam, photo by Howard Klaff U.S. Army. Small amount of damage at top two corners.

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Born: William Richard DuBois
January 7, 1905 New York
Died: March 26, 1965 (age 60) New Jersey

Duleni (1905-1965) was the stage name of semi-professional magician, Dick DuBois. [1]

DuBois, who's regular field was outdoor advertising, did general magic and sleight-of-hand programs at club dates in New York and New England. (His regular field was outdoor advertising.)

Being very active in the magic community led to him becoming the president of the S.A.M. in 1950.

His New York Times obituary stated he was well known to television audiences for two successful TV shows: "Magic in the Air" and "The Magic Clown".[2]

One of his favorite effect was his own production of chickens from a hat.

He served as president of the Magicians Guild of America and won the I.B.M. Star of Magic Award in 1965,. He was also a member of the Magic Circle of London, England.[3]

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