Alan Sands Entertainment Comedy Hypnotist & Magician Pin
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Ephemera, Memorbilia
Memorbilia, Ephemera 
Vintage Alan Sands Entertainment Comedy Hypnotist & Magician Enamel Pin. It is 3/4" square and it is in very nice condition.
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Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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Alan Sands

Alan Sands is a comedy magician, hypnotist, and the son of magician George Sands (1920-2006).

Raised in the Catskill Mountain resorts in upstate New York, Alan Sands began traveling with his father. Alan first appeared on stage when he was three, assisting his father. Sands started entertaining seriously at the age of six, practicing magic with coins and cards. He won his first talent contest at age the age of 12, and he began performing professionally at 17. While attending high school, Alan began honing his skills as a hypnotist at parties.

Later, in San Francisco, California

Sands worked his way through college, doing balloons and performing magic and comedy at Fisherman’s Wharf. He graduated from the streets in 1986, and after taking his clinical hypnosis training in 1997 to become a Certified Stage Hypnotist in 1998. He performs as "The Sandman."[1]