John William Sargent - Bookplate
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Bookplate-Magigian John William Sargent
Signed to John Mulholland-Circa 1910s-Mint

Bookplate from John William Sargent, He wrote a poem in the bottom box of the bookplate.

My gathered store of magic lore
Was incomplete,'tis true,
But I am glad that what I had
Is cherished, John, by you.
John William Sargent

To John Mulholland."

BACK: Blank back, never usesd
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
From Magicpedia, courtesy of Genii Magazine:


Born July 09, 1852
From Magicpedia Courtesy of Genii Magazine:

Bangor, Maine

September 24, 1920 (age 68)

John William Sargent (July 9, 1852 - September 24, 1920), born in Bangor, Maine, performed as Sargent the Merry Wizard.

Sargent also wrote articles for Mahatma and was elected as the second president of the Society of American Magicians (1905-06).

A few years before his death, he was secretary to Harry Houdini.