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Original The Amazing Conklins Magic Show Tickets (Jerry Conklins and Family)

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Jerry Conklin
(1928 - 2010) traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada for many years as a illusionist with his wife, Shirley, and their children, Mike and Cindy,


During World War II, Conklin traveled for 21 months with the Special Service, entertaining military personnel in five European countries.

Conklin worked as a milkman for Ashley Dairy before moving his family to Colon, Michigan where he began working at Abbott Magic & Novelty Co.. He soon became a professional magician and family was known as The Amazing Conklins. They performed on Chicago’s Bozo Circus Show, were also invited to perform on "The Ed Sullivan Show and traveled with the Hetzer Brothers Circus.

The Amazing Conklins performed at the Abbott's Get-Together 12 times.

Conklin was employed as a stage manager for the Sturges-Young Auditorium for 19 years and was the lighting/sound technician for the Abbott’s Magic Get Togethers.

He retired from traveling in 1990 after his wife passed away in 1987.

Jack Gwynne Award for Excellence In Magic from the Abbott’s Magic Get Together (1999)