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Jack Chanin
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Jack Chanin
Born Russian Empire Born 1907
Died 1997
Cause of death natural causes
Nationality Ukrainian
Occupation magician / magic shop owner
Known for sleight of Hand, card magic, coin magic

Jack Chanin (1907-1997) was a [Jewish] performer, demonstrator, manufacturer, creator, and magic shop owner.[1] He ran Philadelphia's oldest magic studio, Chanin's Studio of Magic, until 1981. He also performed as an Oriental act under the name Cha-Nin.

He marketed hundreds of effects of his own invention, including the Mesh Egg Bag.[2]

Jack Chanin seemed to be able to reach into the pile behind the counter and produce anything a customer wanted.[3]

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Published works
Seven in One (1928)
Hello, Sucker! (1934)
Cigar Manipulation (1937)
Encyclopedia of Sleeving (1947)

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