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Carroll Chapman Business Card

This is a of Carroll Chapman (Conjuring Carroll) business card, circa 2000's. It measures approx. (2 1/2" x 4"). Nice clean condition with no tears or stains.
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Biography of Maine Magician, Carroll Chapman


Magician and family entertainer, Carroll Chapman a.k.a. Conjuring Carroll, has been performing and entertaining children and families since he was 16. In 1996 Carroll was asked to take over a children's ministry in his church and he accepted. From that position he not only completed a Children's Ministry program, attaining an Advanced Children's Ministry Certificate from the National Children's Leaders Association, but also found a unique way to present the Gospel- through Magic.

Always having an interest in the art since he was a young boy, Carroll pursued this interest, by ordering a small magic trick out of a children's ministry catalog. When he finally received it, practiced it, and felt comfortable enough to perform it for the kids, it went over really well. After the service he also performed for some adults , and they, too, received it warmly. From there he thought, "well, maybe I have a knack for this."

From that point he found a magic organization called The Fellowship of Christian Magicians, joined in 1997, and has been a member ever since. Through that organization he also learned of another organization called The Society of American Magicians. Inquiring about this organization he learned that there was a local chapter in Portland, ME. He contacted the appropriate people and became a member of the local chapter.

In that chapter, he learned a vast amount from two magicians (Amazing Lou & Almodarr, that took him under their proverbial wings and instructed him on the art. He still keeps in contact with one of those mentors, Amazing Lou, on a weekly basis. Through the Society of American Magicians chapter Carroll has had training by national and world-renowned magicians such as John Calvert, Michael Ammar, General Grant, Robert Bangel, Trevor Lewis, and many others.

In 1998 Carroll established his own business, as a magician and family entertainer, called The Magic of Conjuring Carroll. He created the stage name Conjuring Carroll after a bi-monthly magic magazine printed by The Fellowship of Christian Magicians, called The Christian Conjurer. Establishing the business in the Augusta area, he joined the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce. Through word of mouth and advertising, the business was going strong while working full-time at Maine Security Surveillance. In April of 2001, he was given the opportunity to purchase a home in Embden and moved his family and business there. With his move he considers to be in a better location, than when he was in Augusta, being located between the Augusta/Waterville area and the Bangor Metro area. In November of 2002, Carroll finally took steps to become a full-time magician, providing entertainment service throughout Northern New England. In 2006 Carroll received his Doctor of Magic Degree from The International Magicians Society. 2007 has also started off with a new accomplishments being elected as Vice President of The International Brotherhood of Magicians Maine Ring #362 and winning 2nd place in the Max Malini Parlor Magic Contest.