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Business Card-John Grdina with his photo on back-Circa late 1950s.vFINE-

From Magicpedia, courtesy of Genii Magazine: Grdina (1885-1975) was a professional magicians at the age of 21, who left showbiz after a dozen years to become a banker. Grdina came to America at the age of 5 and received his education in the Catholic schools in Cleveland, Ohio. After leaving school, at the age of 15, he became a printer's apprentice. Three years later he became the owner and publisher of a daily and Sunday paper. After three years of publishing, he sold his plant and business, accepting a position in a bank. During his spare time he studied magic. On Feb. 12th, 1907, he married Miss Minnie M. Riedel, who became his assistant. Their first public magical performance was given on Feb. 17th, 1907. In 1920, The Cleveland Magicians Club was formed and Grdina was one of the founders. He became known as the Dean of Cleveland Magicians. During his forty some years in magic, he has instructed and built acts for more than 25 magicians. Blackstone never performed his Dancing Handkerchief in Cleveland without publicly announcing he was taught the trick by Grdina. Grdina retired from banking in 1959 at age 74 and started offering free shows for orphans and the aged. He was active until his death. He was friends with vaudeville comedian Fred Wicks

DATE: Circa 1950s/60s
SIZE: 2 1/8 by 3 12/ inches.
COND: In otherwise Very Fine, almost Mint Condition
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