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BJ Hickman Business Card
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A regular entertainer at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, and a New England favorite, magician BJ Hickman is one of the busiest magicians in America. He keeps people entertained at festivals, art centers, theaters, educational school assemblies, special events throughout New England to speaking presentations throughout the United States.
For fellow magicians, he lectures about the business of entertaining family audiences and using magic to motivate children. He has sold thousands of his instructional video tapes. For health care professionals, his “” program offers ideas to keep children relaxed in the doctor’s office. In his professional development in-service for teachers and parents, “Inventive Teacher,” he uses magic, diversions, and curiosities to help adults communicate better with children. BJ is an approved special interest guest lecturer for the leading cruise lines.
His interest in magic began as a child growing up in Manchester, New Hampshire, “My dad taught me a little trick with a piece of string and I was hooked.”, recalls Hickman.
While still a child, Hickman joined The International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) and went on to become an “Order of Merlin-Shield” member and Territorial Representative. He is active locally, having held every office in the New Hampshire chapter of The International Brotherhood of Magicians. Internationally, he is the I.B.M.’s advertising Manager for the organization’s trade publication, The Linking Ring Magazine, and He is also a member of several other organizations including the Academy of Magical Arts.
BJ Hickman has been reviewed as “a master of the double-take and one who connects with wonderful audience rapport.” He is credited with being “the magician who keeps getting invited back.” His comedy, audience participation one man magic show is suitable for audiences of all ages. People enjoy his dazzling deception, mind reading miracles, silly surprises, and sleight of hand.
In addition to his performing and speaking, BJ Hickman has produced several Showcases of Educational Performers, maintains his websites, authors two popular e-newsletters and a blog, publishes a magic and fun newspaper that he distributes at his shows, and has written numerous magazine articles. His book is Magic Speaks Louder Than Words.
Within BJ Hickman Communications, he works with fellow performing artists, corporations, and non-profits as The Marketing Magician, with a passion for positive publicity.
Member: The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.
Magician Member and performer: Hollywood Magic Castle
Order of Merlin (Shield) Member: International Brotherhood of Magicians
Treasurer, Former President: Black Richard IBM Ring 166
Member: Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce
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Suggested BJ Hickman Introduction
Full-time professional magician BJ Hickman entertains audiences of all ages throughout New England at fairs, festivals, school assembly programs, and special events. He has produced three instructional video tapes for magicians and teaches magic classes and workshops for children and adults. He often lectures to groups of magicians throughout the United States on the business of entertaining with magic. He also publishes a magic and fun newspaper that is distributed at his shows. His book is called “Magic Speaks Louder Than Words.” Let’s have a big round of applause as we welcome BJ Hickman!
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The (your organization)_________________________________ is presenting a performance of magician BJ Hickman on (day/date/time) _______________________________________. Magician BJ Hickman entertains family audiences with comedy magic, dazzling deceptions, and mind reading miracles. Hickman’s audience participation magic shows are a popular favorite throughout New England. He also performs at various nation-wide venues including the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Tickets are available at (location/price/details).