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Vanni Pule Business Card
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Vanni Pule` is Malta's most popular Magician and Illusionist. For the last 35 years he has dominated the stage, cabaret and television Magic scene with his variety of mysteries, mirth and miracles.
He has become a household name mostly because of his numerous T.V. appearances. Versatility and an engaging personality allow him to perform entertainingly small magic in the most intimate surroundings and spectacular illusions on the largest stage.
Vanni Pule` is popular for children's parties, intimate walkaround sessions, stage shows, corporate functions, conference banquets and cabaret shows in night clubs, restaurants and Cruise ships.

Apart from being a versatile performer, Vanni has lectured to various international magical societies and many of his orginal routines have been published in books and magazines like 'Th Linking Ring', 'Magigram', Magic Info', 'M.U.M., 'The Budget' and 'Abracadabra'.
He is also an artist and his works of art have been on display in galleries and private collections all over the world. His first strip cartoons were published when he was just 13 and in the 70s he became official cartoonist for the most popular Sunday newspaper in Malta. This, he had to reluctantly relinquish because of too much involvement in the heavy political scene of the time. He illustrated most of the 4 volumes of books by Edwin Hooper.
'Although recognized these days as a magician of international repute, both on the convention scene and aboard the cruise ships of several continents, Vanni Pule’s brand of magic is one which has been honed and fine-tuned over many years to attend on Malta’s own diverse requirements. Any and every kind of gig from a hectic schedule of children’s confirmation parties at Easter time, to a one-off one-man major illusion extravaganza in Malta’s National Theatre. He also hosts his own regular weekly show on Maltese national television. Whatever the occasion – be he impaling his delightful wife, MaryAnne, under the stars and in a vast packed outdoor stadium; or merely baffling a couple of visiting magicians with a packet trick of his own devising across a hastily cleared restaurant table – Vanni performs with panache and charm and wit and, best of all, his own unique and unquenchable passion for magic.' WILLIS HALL (writer)
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Vanni was born in the small fishing village of Kalkara in the Mediterranean Island of Malta on the 18th of May 1949 . His first performance was when he was thirteen and with a few tricks given to him he performed a show during a New Year's Party for his friends in the local M.U.S.U.M. Hall. Elated with this "success" he bought "Teach Yourself Magic" by Elsden Tuffs and moved from one humble booking to another in Church Halls and Band Clubs. When, in 1964, Vanni saw George "Phantom" Gatt, a Maltese Magician of the 50s and 60s perform "live" he was greatly influenced. They remained good friends until George's demise. When he was 16 he appeared on Television and since then the number of shows increased considerably.

In 1969, with the support of George W. Sharples and Doctor Joseph Saliba, he joined the Malta Magic Club which soon became affiliated as the 202nd Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He worked hard for this Ring and is now its president and its driving force.

In 1970 he met Mary Anne while performing in a youth festival. She became his regular partner and a couple of years later, after Vanni graduated from University, they broke into the Cabaret scene. They worked in top nightspots with international artistes like Rolf Harris, Paul Daniels, Billy McComb and Ken Goodwin. He became known mostly for his pleasant presentation of baffling tricks and for introducing incredible Grand Illusions in Cabaret. In the meantime the number of television programmes increased and he became not just a presenter but a television personality and a household name.

In 1976 he married Mary Anne and started living in San Gwann. Since then they had a son, Konrad, and a girl, Davinia. Vanni Pule` is known for his versatility and has worked in most of Malta's top hotels, in advertisements, stage shows, films, Television Sit-Coms and Magicians' Conventions. He has also lectured for various Magical Societies and had his original ideas published in International Magic magazines and books.

One of his biggest shows was in September 1996. On a rock-type open-air stage, he performed a one-man illusion show with five assistants and a troupe of dancers for thousands of people in Malta 's largest square. This was repeated in a shorter version in 1999. In 1998 he made his successful debut as a solo performer in the illusion and dance spectacular "Fenomena" at the prestigious Manoel Theatre. Television has been his mainstay for over 30 years and his latest series on Television “Tghid Veru?” fared very well in the viewer ratings. His regular appearance in a teen programme 'Owkej' lasted for six years with nine months of weekly programmes each year. This programme also won an award from the Broadcasting Authority. He has had sporadic, yet regular, appearances in various programmes, since.

He is an Order of Merlin Shield member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians and is President of I.B.M. Ring 202. Having has just finished his year as International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (, the largest society to embrace amateurs and professionals all over the world, he is still member of its Board of Trustees and its International Relations Committee. He holds the much-coveted Gold Star status of the Inner Magic Circle of London. His interest in mysteries has developed a healthy scepticism of paranormal claims and he is a member of Skeptics and CSICOP, and chairman of SICEC (Society for Investigating the Credibility of Extraordinary Claims). His other interests are Art, Poetry, Photography, Video editing and Music.