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Dale Salwak
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Dale (Francis) Salwak (b. February 7, 1947) was a professor of English at Citrus College in California and internationally-known magician who has performed throughout the world.

Dale Salwak
Born February 07, 1947

Salwak performed as a magician in supper clubs, theaters, and on television beginning in 1965. He producer of Stars of Magic, an annual magic show featuring internationally known magicians that has toured colleges and universities since 1974.

A common link between his two professions is teaching. Salwak has received numerous awards for teaching at the university and he also instructs apprentice magicians through the Chavez College of Manual Dexterity and Prestidigitation.

In 1978, Salwak become the co-owners (with Neil Foster) of the Chavez school. In 1988 Neil Foster passed away and he continued at the West Coast branch.