4 Pieces Magic Money by Bruce Dunn -- Houdini Elongated - Autographed By Roy Kissel
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4 Pieces Magic Money by Bruce Dunn-ca 1970s-Houdini Elongated

ITEM: Four Pieces Magic Money by Bruce Dunn-ca 1970s. They are:

1-Trans Universal Magic Lucre Units, 2 1/4 by 4 1/4 inches, blank back.
2-Houdini Elongated Dollar, with Houdini image, 1 3/8 by 5 3/8 inches, blank back.
3-Houdini Elongated Dollar, as above, bookmark, 1 3/8 by 7 1/4 inches, blank back.
4-Kingdom of Elongia One Stretched Kuethe, printed in 1978, with print on both sides.

These were sent by Tod Karr, to Bill Kuethe, to be given to subscribers of the Journal of Necromantic Numismatists. The TAMS Journal that Kuethe did came out in 1978, so Jay had to have sent these in the early 1970s. No. 4 item has the 1974 printing date in lower left corner.

DATE: Circa 1974.
SIZE: As listed with item description
COND: In otherwise Very Fine, almost Mint Condition.
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