BURTON, LANCE -- MT050.101
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BURTON, LANCE -- MT050.102

DATE: 1996
OBV: "MONTE CARLO / LAS VEGAS, NV", around "LANCE BURTON / MASTER MAGICIAN / $5". Color picture of Burton behind center text.
REV: Same as Obv.
COMPOSITION: Casino chip, white background Off Str. 40-S
red and gray edge Ltd. ed. 10,000 (info from The Chip Rack)

[Burton, Lance silver strikes, all 3 designs, including the Year 2000 versions of all 3 designs, total of 6 different silver strikes. All have the "G" mint mark, which denotes that they were minted by a company called Global Minting located in Las Vegas, NV.]
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor