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Weber The Wizard - Promotional Material

Weber, the Wizard

During the vaudeville heyday of stage magic, star magicians such as Thurston and Blackstone, while performing at the Lyric Theatre(Symphony Hall), could be found staying and visiting at the Weber household in Allentown. Herman L. Weber, a contemporary and friend of Houdini, was known as Namreh, the Magician and also as Weber, the Wizard. Twice, during 1930's and 40's, he traveled coast to coast with his traveling magic show. Allentown has a rich tradition of magic and a long standing chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
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Herman L. Weber

Herman Ludwig Weber
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Herman L. Weber (1900 - 1953) performed as Namreh (Herman backwards).

He began performing professionally in 1921, specializing in The Chinese Rings and "Fun-Magic". Other names he performed under were "The Wizard Weber" and "Mr. Hocus Pocus".

Weber was a member of S.A.M. and I.B.M. and wrote articles for the Sphinx.[1]

He later toured the United States with a Spook Show from 1941 until 1943.

Namreh's Lincoln Rings (1932)
Adventures of Diamond Jack (1926)
Jack, An Escapade in Manchuria (1927)
Money from Magic (1935)
Out of the Spook Cabinet (1947)

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