Larry Becker's World Of Super Mentalism II
Becker, Larry
Magico Magazine (1989)
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Becker, Larry: Book Two Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism
©1989 Magico Magazine
Paper, comb-bound, 216 pages


One of the finest books on mentalism ever written! It contains a total 36 outstanding mental miracles. The methods for accomplishing these bafflers is sheer simplicity. No complicated sleights. Learning effects like PSI-Stebbins, Snakes Alive, and Bell, Book & Candle. Over 200 pages packed with easy to do, extraordinary mental effects with cards, coins, books and more. They will fool the most sophisticated audience!

Book II was first published in 1979. Since only 350 copies were printed, it quickly became a collector's item. After so many years, Larry Becker decided to reproduce a collection of the best effects contained in Book II. Over 200 pages packed with 36 extraordinary mental effects that will fool the most sophisticated audiences. Some examples from the contents, “It's in the Bag II”, “Pyramid Power”, “Symbolic”, “Snakes Alive”, “Uncanny”, “Mind Blaster”, “ Spectromental”, “Ultimate Psychometry”, “Gypsy Spell”, “Phantom Thought”, “Impossible Dream”, “Bell, Book and Candle”, “Anything Goes”, “Ghost Image”, “Network E.S.P.”, “Date-A-Cation”, “Heads or Tails”, “Psy-Quik”, “Mating Game”, “Espitome”, “Mind Probe”, “Fool-ette”, “Duo-Matic” - 36 outstanding mental miracles. One of the finest books on Mentalism ever written !
Written in English language.


Comments (Zigby7): This is the second volume in Larry Becker's series of mentalism. There is enough material for several full evening shows. There are 36 of Larry's best routines. Also, with a little imagination you can come up with your own unique miracles using Larry's methods and principles. These are all audience tested, professional routines.


7 Psi-Stebbins
13 It's In the Bag II
17 Pyramid Power
23 Symbolic
26 Snakes Alive
31 Uncanny
39 Mind Blaster
44 Spectomental
54 Ultraffinity Revisited
62 Dynamation
69 Ultimate Psychometry
75 Fabulous Gypsy Spell
83 Auto-Magic
89 Séance
98 Phantom Thought
106 The Impossible Dream
112 Bell Book & Candle
118 Will Power
124 Anything Goes
133 Bullseye
136 Crayola Caper
140 Ghost Image
147 Supercharged
150 Network ESP
156 Data-A-Cation
160 Matchic
164 Heads or Tails
167 Increditable -The Original Psy-Quik
172 ZIP
174 The Mating Game
180 ESPitome
186 Second Sight
191 Mind Probe
198 Fool-Ette
207 Card Flash
211 Duo-Matic
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Larry Becker
(13th August 1929 - )

Born in Baltimore, Maryland. Inspired in 1943 seeing a Dante show. Former head of an ad agency and marketing syndicator (Becker-Kanter). Top-line mentalist, particularly noted for his creativity and writings. Semi-pro c1969 - c1984 and pro since then.

Internationally acclaimed mentalist, author, lecturer and winner of the prestigious "Mentalist of the Year Award." Recipient of the Psychic Entertainers Association Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to the art of mentalism. Awarded Lifetime Membership in the Psychic Entertainers Association. Winner of the Milbourne Christopher Foundation Literary Award for notable contributions to the Art of Magic. Author of four best selling books on mentalism and magic. And in July 1999, Larry Becker was inducted into the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame. In June 2000, awarded The Lederman Award by the Psychic Entertainers Association for outstanding creativity in mentalism. Holder of England's prestigious Magic Circle MIMC with Gold Star.