Leaves From Conjurers' Scrap Books - or Modern Magicians and Their Works
Burlingame, H.J.
Donohue, Henneberry & Co. (1891)
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Biography, Magic tricks
USA  eng
Burlingame, H.J.: Leaves From Conjurers' Scrap Books
or Modern Magicians and Their Works
©1891 H.J. Burlingame; Donohue, Henneberry & Co., Chicago
Hardcover, 274 pages

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"Leaves From Conjurers' Scrap Books" by H.J. Burlingame.
Rare Original 1891 First Edition.

This is the 1st Edition published in 1891 by Donohue, Henneberry & Co.
A goldmine of early magic from the major magicians of the time.
274 pages with many illustrations and diagrams.
Hardcover book in overall excellent condition.

In it he profiles American and European magicians, discusses techniques of mind-reading and hypnosis, and shows the mechanism behind some well-know stage tricks, accompanied by black & white illustrations.RARE

Comments: A history narrative of many contemporary magicians from the 1800's.

7 Chapter I Introduction
7 Of the Mysteries of the Black Art
8 The Old School Conjurers
8 Comte's Talent
9 The Dexterity of Phillippe and Torrini
10 The Genius of Anderson for Advertising
11 Account of Robert-Houdin

14 Chapter II American Conjurers
14 Zera Semon
15 Edward Reno
16 Prof. Samuels
17 J.M. Balabrega
19 M. Hartz
19 Carl Hertz
20 Imro Fox
20 Wm. Robinson
20 Zanzic
20 Prof Zamloch
21 Charles F. Fillebrown
21 Powell Brothers
22 Variety Performers
24 Prof. Canaris The "Greek"
26 The Romance of Prof. Henry Willio
33 Goldberg
35 Eddie Abbott The "Only Boy Magician"
37 Robert Heller

38 Chapter III Prominent Conjurers Abroad
38 John Nevil Maskelyn
39 Dr. Holden
39 Dr. Lynn
39 Robert Kudarz
40 Bautier de Kolta
42 The Bamberg and Basch Families
43 Jacoby-Harms
45 German and Franch Conjurers
46 Prof. Patrizio
46 Prof. Hartwig Seeman

52 Chapter IV Prominent and Skillful Amateurs
52 Amateurs of the Pacific Coast
54 "Mine Host" Taylor
54 Chicago Amateurs
55 Salo Ansbach & His Career

64 Chapter V The Herrmanns and Harry Kellar
64 The Original Carl Herrmann
66 Alexander Herrmann
67 His Confederates - How They Sometimes Fail
72 Harry Kellar & His Travels
82 Alexander Herrmann's Cremation
84 Martiono's Sphinx
86 Kellar's Growth of Flowers

91 Chapter VI Hypnotists and Their Experiments
91 How to Hypnotize
99 The Use of Confederates
105 The Kennedy Brothers
106 Robert Fulton's Experiments
106 "Professor" Johnson

108 Chapter VII Mind Readers and Their Tricks
108 J. Randall Brown
109 Washington Irving Bishop
109 Stuart Cumberland
110 How to Become a Mind-Reader
115 Seymour
115 Paul Alexander Johnstone
124 Remarkable "Test" by Sid. Macaire
124 Lucy de Gentry; her Quick Success
126 An Aspiring Amateur's Predicament

128 Chapter VIII Instantaneous Memorization
128 The Art of Memory
133 Instantaneous Memorization made use of by Patrizio
133 Effects Produced by Hatton and Roberth

136 Chapter IX Second-Sight and Anti-Spiritualist Artists
136 The Balabregas, Roucleres, Merlins
141 Prof. Marvelle
141 Anna Eva Fay; her Exciting Chicago Experience
149 The Baldwins
149 The Steens

151 Chapter X The Vanishing Lady, Cocoon, Cremation and Other Illusions
151 The Vanishing Lady
156 The Magic Husband
158 The Cocoon
160 Alexander Herrmann's Decapitations
163 Vanek's Decapitation
166 Cremation
169 The "Mystery of She"
171 "The Lady from an Envelope"
172 The Spirit Bell of Prof. Alkabazar
174 The "Amphitrite" Illusion

177 Chapter XI Peculiar Happenigs
177 The St. Louis Genius
178 The Impatient Albany Man
179 Some Remarkable Letters
183 East Indian Fakirs
185 What Barnello Saw
186 The Sailor and his Parrot

189 Chapter XII Miscellaneous Sketches
189 Dr. Holden's Adventures In Egypt, Algeria and India
200 Deaf Men at a Show
202 Frazer Coulter's Failure as an Assistant
204 The Old Trick of "Prof. Hume"
207 Baron Seeman's Wit and Ingenuity; his Russian Experience
218 Old Bamberg's Arrest; his Skill
219 How D'Alvini Broke up the Sharpers
222 Foreign and Home Audiences
225 Lady Professionals
225 The Future of the Art

226 Appendix
225 Note 1 - Instantaneous Memorization Code
230 Note 2 - Application for a Patent on a Spirit Room
232 Note 3 - The "Stroubaika" Illusion
239 - The Palanquin Trick
242 Note 4 - Heller's Second-Sight Code
253 - The Appendix and Keys
260 Note 5 - Mrs. Daffodil Downy's Light and Dark Séance

271 Index
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Edition [1st ed.]
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No. of Pages 274
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Original Title Leaves From Conjurers' Scrap Books
Original Subtitle or Modern Magicians and Their Works
Original Publisher Donohue, Henneberry & Co.
Original Country USA
Original Language English
Original Publication Year 1891
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Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf D
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
H. J. Burlingame

Hardin Jasper Burlingame (June 14, 1852 - August 27, 1915), born in Manitowec, Wisconsin, was a professional magician for a brief time but more noted as a magic dealer and author.


His father and mother were among the earliest settlers of Chicago. After living in Wisconsin for some time, they moved back to Chicago. When he was about twenty, Burlingame went to Holland, subsequently traveling throughout Europe on foot as correspondent for an American paper.

Burlingame took lessons from David Tobias Bamberg (Okito's father) in Europe and eventually used the stage name "Jasper Bamberg" while performing in Chicago.

After having returned to live in Chicago for some years he returned to Europe and made a professional tour as a conjurer. He then came back to America, residing in Baltimore and Cincinnati, finally back to his old home of Chicago to settle down.

At one point, operated 3 businesses at the same time. Chas. L. Burlingame & Co. (manufacturing apparatus and illusions), Ralph E. Sylvestre & Co. (specializing in stage mindreading and fake mediums) and George L. Williams & Co. (for the general public)

His gradual bad health culminated in a general nervous breakdown forcing him to leave Chicago and take a long rest. In 1907, he moved to Syracuse, Indiana where he resided until his death.


Leaves from Conjurers' Scrap Books (1891)
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Tricks in Magic, Illusions and Mental Phenomena, Vol. I (1895)
Tricks in Magic, Illusions and Mental Phenomena, Vol. II (1896)
Herrmann The Magician, His Life, His Secrets (1897)
Tricks in Magic, Illusions and Mental Phenomena, Vol. III (1898) which contians "Bibliotheca Magica", one of the first comprehensive bibliographies on magic.
How To Read People's Minds (1905)
Magician's Handbook: Tricks and Secrets of the World's Greatest Magician Herrmann The Great (1942)


The Mahatma, Dec 1898
Stanyon's Magic, July 1901
The Sphinx, Oct 15, 1915

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