DAVID , LE GRAND -- MT099.101
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DAVID , LE GRAND -- MT099.101

LOCATION: Beverly, Massachusetts
DATE: 1996
OBV: " * OBV: "LE GRAND DAVID / SPECTACULAR MAGIC COMPANY" around busts of two young women, "1996", below busts
REV: "BEVERLY MA", to right, above oriental bied, flowers, similarto MT099.20 OBV [I think you meanREV, rather than OBV], with "1976", below bird to left
COMPOSITION: Al, Ni, Si Metal St. 38-R

NOTE: Ray Goulet says that 8000 of the AL. were struck, 800 of the NS. and 100 .999 Silver. There are NO markings to indicate silver content but the silver version weights 31.1 grams and the Ni. version weights 26.2 grams.
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor