Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks
Keith Clark
Louis Tannen Inc (1952)
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Clark, Keith: Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks
©1952 Louis Tannen Inc.
Softcover, 272 pages

The author, a premier performer and manipulator of lighted cigarettes has given us the definitive and comprehensive guide to Cigarette Magic, illustrated with photographs, and descriptive text, with a brief introduction to the history of cigarettes, and a bibliography for further study, and a brief note on one of the giants in Magic with his immaculate cigarette act; Senor Frakson, the man with a hundred cigare ttes.

Comments: Illustrated by the Author


ix Preface (John Mulholland)
xi Foreword (Theo. Annemann)
xv Author's Preface to First Edition
xvi Editor's Preface to the Second Edition
xvii Contents
xxiv Illustrations
xxvi Important Notice

29 Chapter I Introduction
29 I. The Cigarette: History, Popularity, Technical Secrets
34 II. The Cigarette Act: Circus and Motion Pictures, The King of the Smokers, The Zouave, The Queen of the Smokers, Zirka, Florence and Selika, An Unknown Genius, The Man with a Hundred Cigarette, Frakson, The Man With the Gloves, Fran-Klint, Decadence, Future, and Present
44 III. Bibliography

51 Chapter II
51 I. The Principle Positions for Holding the Cigarette Openly
51 - The Smoker Position
51 - The Shaking Position
52 - The Mouth Position
53 II. The Principle Positions for Holding the Cigarette Concealed in the Hand
53 A. The Back of the Hand Toward the Spectators
53 - The Thumb Grip
54 - a. The Conventional Method
57 - b. The Keith Clark Methods (4 Methods)
59 - c. Quantitative Method
60 - The Finger Pinch
61 -- The Finger Grip
62 -- The Finger Hold
63 -- The Transversal Finger Hold
64 -- The Thumb Hold
64 B. The Palm Toward the Spectators
64 - The Back Thumb Grip
65 -- Keith Clark Methods (5 Methods)
66 - The Back Pinch
66 -- Keith Clark Methods (3 Methods)
67 - The Back Grip
68 III. Position for Keeping the Cigarette Concealed in the Mouth

69 Chapter III Throwing
69 I. Throwing In the Air
69 A. The Back of the Hand Toward the Spectators
77 B. The Palm Toward the Spectators
83 II. Throwing Into the Other Hand
92 III. Throwing Into a Receptacle
92 General Principles
98 Substitution Sleights
104 Dummies
105 Special Effects
107 IV. Throwing On The Floor

109 Chapter IV Vanishes
111 I. Elementary Sleights
115 II. Open Hand Steals
118 III. Fist Vanishes (One Hand)
121 IV. Fist Vanishes (Two Hands)
124 V. Drop Sleights
127 VI. Tourniquets

135 Chapter V Vanishes (Continued)
135 VII. Push-In Sleights
139 VIII. Tip-Tilts
145 IX. Slip Vanishes

147 Chapter VI Special Vanishes & Transformations
147 I. Vanishes in Handkerchiefs
148 II. Annihilative Vanishes
151 III. Transformations

155 Chapter VII Sleeving
155 I. General Principles
157 II. Vanishes
161 III. Transformations & Restorations
162 IV. Productions

163 Chapter VIII Vanish Flourishes

173 Chapter IX Secret Transfers
176 I. The Back and Front Sleights
181 II. Momentary Maskings
185 III. Secret Temporary Transfers
193 IV. Secret Transfers

201 Chapter X Tonguing and Mouth Sleights
202 I. Straight Tonguing
204 II. Reverse Tonguing
207 III. Quantitative Tonguing
207 A. Several Cigarettes At a Time
208 B. Cigarette by Cigarette
209 IV. Speech With Cigarette Tongued
212 V. Production of Smoke
216 VI. Vanish, Exchange, Production, Reproduction, Load
217 A. Vanish
218 B. Exchange Sleights, Secret Transfers
220 C. Production - Reproduction
223 D. Load
224 VII. Drinking with Cigarette Tongued

227 Chapter XI Productions, Reproductions, and Multiplications
227 I. Reproductions
235 II. Multiplications

239 Chapter XII Loads
239 I. Unlighted Cigarettes of Dummies
239 A. Miscellaneous Apparatus
241 B. The Droppers
247 II. Lighted Cigarettes
251 III. Ready-To-Light Cigarettes
252 A. Tank Methods (2 Methods)
253 Accessory Methods (3 Methods)
255 Pocket Methods (3 Methods)
256 Table Method
259 IV. Mechanically Ignited Cigarettes
260 Chemical Methods (3 Methods)
262 Electrical Methods (262)
264 Table Method

265 Chapter XIII Steals
265 I. Generalities
266 - Principles
268 - Misdirection
270 - Test
271 II. Single Steals
272 III. Load Steals
272 A. Cigarettes Lighted In Advance
272 B. Cigarettes to be Lighted in the Tank
272 C. Cigarettes to be Lighted in the Hand
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Clark, Keith
Born Pierre Feyss Cartier in France, he became famous as a cigarette manipulator. He was the author of Encyclopedia of Cigarette Magic(1937), Celebrated Cigarettes, Rope Royale (1942). Many of his magic inventions have something to do with ropes and silks and will be found in Stewart James' Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks and Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic.