A Deck Of 101 Magic Tricks - Step-By-Step Illusions on 52 Cards
Einhorn, Nicholas
Lorenz Books (2007)
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Ring-bound 0754816966
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Einhorn, Nicholas: How to Learn 101 Magic Tricks
Step-by-step Illusions on 52 Cards
©2007 Lorenz Books
Ring-bound,52 pages
ISBN: 0754816966

Comments: This volume is designed for beginner magicians and has very nice production values, including clear colorful photographs. The unique feature is that the magic is presented on large sturdy cards, rather than in book format. Built into the "case" that holds the cards is a stand so you can display the card you are practicing from. Previously published as part of two larger volumes, "The Practical Encyclopedia of Magic" and "200 Magical Illusions, Amazing Puzzles, and Stunning Stunts". I found this on the discount racks at a local Borders book store. Einhorn's Encyclopedia is a better buy if you are looking for a good beginner's text.


1 Stand-up Tricks
1 Mid-air Silk Production: a silk appears flying in the air
2 Pencil And Coin Vanish: a pencil vanishes behind the ear, then the coin vanishes
3 Sleeving A Coin: a nice, simple coin vanish (and retrieval) from the back of your hand
4 Handkerchief Coin Vanish: a coin vanishes from under a handkerchief; how to make your own gimmicked hanky
5 Impossible Knot: a knot is made and then vanishes while the ends of the rope are held in each hand and not let go
6 Slip Knot: a knot in a rope is plucked off
7 Interlocked: two people have their wrists tied with a rope, and they are interlocked together. The challenge is to escape
8 Lord of the Rings: A bracelet sized ring is magically placed on a rope tied between the magician's wrists
9 Rope Through Neck: a rope is apparently pulled right through the magician's neck (requires a shirt with a collar)
10 Switching Bag: how to make one
11 Candy Caper: confetti changes to candy (uses the switch bag)
12 Magic Photo Album: a photo album is shown blank, then full of photos
13 Lit Match Production: a lit match is produced
14 Second Sight: a deck of cards is placed in a paper bag yet the magician can name each card before pulling it out of the bag
15 Gravity-defying Ring: a finger ring crawls UP a rubber band
16 Thimble From Silk: a thimble is produced from under a silk

17 Card And Money Tricks
17 Face Value: magician removes prediction card as spectator deals deck into two piles. Top cards reveal number and suit of prediction card
18 Instant Card Revelation: basic use of a key card
19 The Next Card is Yours: another use for a key card
20 Spell A Card: cards are dealt one for each letter in the selection, and the deal ends at the selection
21 Simple Overhand Control: the in-jog
22 Forcing A Card: the Hindu shuffle force
23 Impossible Prediction: magician accurately predicts which of three cards will be chosen (multiple outs)
24 Coin Under Bottle Tops: magician always finds the cap with the coin under it
25 Linking Paper Clips: from dollar bill (stunt)
26 Impossible Coin Balance: a challenge bet
27 Floating Banknote: a bill seemingly floats away from your hand
28 Heads I Win! magician can always tell if a hidden coin is heads up or down
29 Finger Palm: with a coin
30 Fake Take: with coin left in finger palm
31 Switcheroo: how to snatch a coin from the spectator's palm and even switch coins in the process
32 Coin Through a Table: using the fake take
33 Coin in an Egg: a marked coin is placed in the pocket, and the magician breaks an egg into a bowl wherein the coin is found
34 Coin Through a Pocket: a coin seems to penetrate the pocket

35 Illusions
35 Ship In a Bottle: draw ship on one side and bottle on the other: when spun it looks like the ship is in the bottle
36 Pinkie Down: looks like your pinkie shrinks
37 Thumb Stretch: your thumb stretches to over twice its length
38 Thumb Off: you apparently pull your thumb off
39 Impossible! an impossible looking illusion with an index card (good)
40 Boomerang Cards: top one always looks larger
41 Height of Failure: which is longer - the circumference of the glass or its height?
42 Clip the Queen: a great optical illusion in which it is difficult for the spectator to properly place the paper clip on the back of the Queen card
43 Comedy Levitation: a cute illusion
44 Mini Me: a two person illusion, they look very short
45 Out of Thin Air: how to make your assistant appear from under a sheet
46 Ping Pong Balance: a ping pong ball balances on a string
47 Bouncing Bread Roll: a roll is bounced on the floor
48 Jumping Thimble: a thimble seems to jump from finger to finger instantly
49 Enchanted Ball: a golf ball moves all by itself (clever use of IT)
50 Static Match: a match is caused to shoot off by another one

51 Stunts And Puzzles
51 Pepper Sepper Ation: only the magician can make the pepper move with a toothpick
52 Time for a Shower: Challenge the spectator to drink the water in an inverted glass using only one hand, and of course, his or her face.
53 Inverted Glass Trick: a gag; a glass of liquid can't be righted without spilling it
54 Coin Through a Hole: how to pass a coin through a hole in the paper that is smaller than the coin
55 Suspended Animation: a mug tied to a cord is dropped, but stops right before hitting the floor
56 Escaping Coin: how to remove a smaller coin from a cone-shaped glass without touching it, even when it is covered with a larger coin
57 Balancing Skill: Two forks balance on a match on the edge of a bottle in a seemingly impossible way
58 Surefire Bet: place the victim against the wall where they can't reach down to pick up a dollar
59 Lift Me if You Can: a child can be lifted easily in one position, but almost impossible in another
60 Superman: Stuntman holds a broom handle and no matter how hard they try, the victims can't make him budge
61 Penny Pincher: a challenge to remove two coins on the edge of a glass with only one hand
62 Great Olive Challenge: move a olive from the table into a glass using just another glass?
63 Walk Through a Postcard: how to walk through a hole in a postcard
64 Drink Problem: how to drink from an unopened bottle
65 Electric Pepper: how to separate salt from pepper with a balloon
66 Unburstable Balloon: spikes go through a balloon but it does not pop

67 Close-up Magic
67 Pin Credible: Spectator chooses one of 5 safety pins, each with a different colored bead. Magician can tell which color was chosen by holding the pin behind his back
68 Safety Pin-a-Tration: A handkerchief is pinned with a safety pin, and the pin is dragged along the edge without hurting the hanky
69 Straw Penetration: Two straws are linked and one is pulled through the other
70 Banana Splitz: a banana is magically split into a number of sections as determined by a card selection
71 Swapping Checkers: brown checkers and white checkers change places under paper covers
72 Telekinetic Paper: a paper is folded ad tips over by command of the magician
73 Vanishing Glass: A glass vanishes from beneath a paper napkin
74 Mugged Again! a coin ends up under a mug even though the spectator holds the mug down with his finger
75 String Through An Arm: a length of string is apparently pulled through a spectator's arm
76 String Through a Ring: a string with beads at the end apparently penetrates a finger ring
77 Jumping Rubber Band: a rubber band jumps from one pair of fingers to the other
78 Match Through a Match: one match apparently penetrates another match held between your thumb and first finger
79 Vanishing Match: a nice vanish of a wooden match (you must be wearing a ring)
80 Mended Match Mystery: a match is broken while wrapped in a handkerchief but is magically restored
81 Disappearing Matches: matches are heard rattling in a box, but when the box is opened the matches are gone
82 Matchbox off a String: a matchbox is removed from a string under a handkerchief even though the box still appears whole
83 Spooky Matchbox: a matchbox rises on the back of the hand
84 Clinging Cutlery: a fork seems to stick to the hand unaided

85 Party Tricks
85 Jasper the Ghost: spectator feels a tap on the shoulder even though magician's fingers are lightly touching the closed eyelids
86 Removal Man: magician can remove a cork from inside a bottle without breaking the bottle or the cork
87 Defying Gravity: a bottle is listed i a seemingly impossible way
87 Sticky Fingers: a box is apparently lifted by a single finger
88 Lighter Than Light: a lit match suspends behind the fingers
89 One Quick Flick: a match is extinguished by a blow up the sleeve
90 The Shirt Off Your Back: assistant pulls your shirt off while you are still wearing your coat
91 Double Your Money: folding a dollar to appear as two
92 Hide and Seek: magician can always tell under which mug of three an object has been placed
93 Magnetic Credit Cards: a credit card appears to become magnetized
94 Blow Your Nose: a gag in which a handkerchief blows high in the air when you blow your nose
94 Broken Arm: your arm makes a horrible breaking sound when you shake hands
95 Torn Wallpaper: clever illusion makes it look like the wallpaper is peeling
96 Bottomless Mug: wand goes right through the bottom of a coffee mug
97 Bumblebee Eggs: when an envelope is opened, a surprise is found
98 Fake Scars: how to make them
99 Invisible Coin Catch: in a paper bag
100 Good Head for Money: challenge spectator they cannot get the coin to fall off their forehead
101 Laughter Lines: a trick in which the spectator gets lines on her forehead
101 Matchbox Challenge: a matchbox dropped lands on its edge
102 Acknowledgments
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